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Over the last few years, I've thought more than once, "Why can't I just be a professional fangirl? That's really what I most like doing..." I tried to deny it, but once the idea was there in my head, I couldn't shake it. This is me creating the job Professional Fangirl.

This is a blog for geeking out. I review TV. Soon, there will be book reviews, movie reviews, articles about being a geek, guest posts, stories of geek life--basically anything that pertains to geekery as a passion and a lifestyle. Stay tuned!

Samantha Holloway, founder, editor in chief and Professional Fangirl

Here's my writer bio; I think it sums me up pretty well:
Samantha Holloway is unfit for anything but writing expansive fantasy and the occasional science fiction story, so she does it full time. She's the author of the upcoming epic fantasy novel Married to the Wind, and has published dozens of book reviews, TV reviews and a few short stories. In between writing and thinking about writing, she lives in North Carolina with an aptly-named cat called Ninja, wears too much jewelry, runs a home made nail polish company for a lark, and subsists mostly on tea.

You can find me on Twitter, Tumblr, my main blog, Instagram, Etsy, and Amazon.










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If you'd like to contribute to the blog, or if you're interested in sponsorship opportunities, or if you have a question, email here...

pirategirljack + professionalfangirl @ gmail . com 

(minus all those spaces!)
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