Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wild speculation after Agents of SHIELD's latest episode!

Okay, I'd decided that I wasn't going to do episode-by-episode posts because that's too much stress when I'm supposed to be writing one novel and revising another and selling a first one...but guys? I want to talk about this episode. We waited a full freaking month from the last episode, which was already a month after the previous one, and when we finally get back to it, it's the show we've been wanting all along. It was tense, it was intense, everyone was showing emotion and reacting to things, there was a goal that they had to accomplish that required them to work together, and it was done right.

AND THEN! And then at the end it tied directly into the larger Marvel universe in a way that looked awesome, set up the next part of the arc for the rest of the season, hinted about what all this stuff means up until now, AND broadened the MCU before the movies! It was GREAT! And it gives me stuff to mull over, so without further ado:

TAHITI and the Mystery Blue Torso

  • My favorite theories that I've seen on Tumblr and FB are: 1) He's a Kree, ancient mortal enemy of the Skrulls, which are basically what the Chitauri are, but from an alternate / ultimates universe. 2) He's Mahr Vehl, an alien super-hero, who could fit right into the future space-ness of the MCU about to start with Guardians of the Galaxy. 3) He's a frost giant, which would maybe account for Coulson's weird emotional state at the end of the ep (though not for his flip-flopping without actually explaining to anyone why...unless that's part of the Tahiti memory block...). 
  • Either way, he looks bigger than a regular human dude (and has spike-fingers and no nipples and blue skin), exists as literally half a person, and I have this super-creepy feeling that he's not dead--that he's being kept alive. We're meant to believe that the drug they gave Skye (and, previously Coulson) was FROM this dude, but what if it's actually being fed INTO him, keeping him just alive enough to get information or to dissect him over and over, or to regenerate a whole alien from, like, a scrap that was recovered from a crash or something somewhere?
  • This base is not SHIELD. So either Fury strongarmed some secret other group he knows about into helping him save Coulson*, or SHIELD has a lot more layers of secretiveness than any of them previously thought, a whole shadow arm that looks an awful lot like the Hatches on Lost and so I'm basically interpreting on those terms. If it's really not at all SHIELD, who is it? Hydra? Centipede? Some other government's answer to SHIELD? Whatever the bad-guy equivalent would be? OOOH, or the good-guy equivalent, and SHIELD is the badguy??
  • Whatever he is, I'm pretty sure Mystery Blue Torso isn't human, which means: What else, that we haven't discovered yet, did the blue stuff do to Coulson? And if Skye really is the possibly non-human Object of Unknown Origin they think she is, what will it do to her? Will it trigger secret powers? Will it turn her into She Hulk or something? Will it make her a Lady Captain America? Will she be some other awesome thing that's waiting in the comics but that hasn't happened yet in the MCU? Will she be something new?
  • And does the green light that keeps shining only on Coulson and Skye mean that they're the same and that they're both different?


  • Lorelei is one of the great Thor villains! How exciting is that? She's sister of an even greater villain, Amora the Enchantress, which means they now can bring her in, too, and she's super-tangled up with Sif (coming next ep!!!) and with Loki, who we know is now secretly Lord of Asgard, which brings up all sorts of questions for me:
    • Did she help Loki and has she been helping him all along?
    • Did she manipulate him the way she manipulated that dude in the desert, and if so, what does that mean for our Loki, who has always been the manipulator, not the manipulated, as far as we could tell?
    • Did she find out what happened with Loki after the end of Thor 2 and then flee Asgard? Because she looks really recent to the world of man, still wearing her Asgardian clothes and speaking all semi-Shakespearean and all...
    • Do we get to have a Loki guest-appearance next season???????
    • Is she totally a free agent and has entirely her own plans, complicated up the storyline more?
    • Does she have allies on Earth that she's going to meet? If so, are they Asgardian or Frost Giant or some other awesome comic-or-mythology thing?
  • Sif is coming after her! Which means people from the movies can now start showing up in the show, FINALLY pulling in those characters and their resources the way they should have been able to all along!
  • Sif gets to be the first person who knows that Coulson is still alive, and she probably won't even really realize what it means since I'm pretty sure she didn't know him before he died, unless Thor told her about him.

Simmons and Skye and Fitz and Trip!

  • Chloe Bennet has said she wants to see Skye with Simmons, and this Skye-in-a-coma thing gave us a scene where someone who doesn't know anything about them basically observes that Simmons is in love with her, and Simmons basically agreed, and the world imploded on Tumblr for a minute. 
  • This episode also gave us more of Fitz's adoration of both Simmons AND Skye, as well as a new emotional level of guilt toward what happened to Skye that could blossom into protectiveness nicely, if it wants to. And more of Action!Fitz, which I always love seeing.
  • And it gave us two new characters who already know Ward and are basically his old SHIELD family, and already have a long-standing sort-of rivalry but sort-of understanding with Coulson, and they basically said they'll be back and basically one of them likes Simmons. And she didn't go all frigid or turn him away.
  • So now I'm wanting a big multi-directional proper poly relationship between Skye, Simmons, and Fitz, with the occasional visit from Trip to spice things up, because hey, why not?

May had a feel!

  • She freaked the fuck out when they said Skye was going to die, and beat the dude responsible to a bloody pulp and had to be physically pulled off of him. It's the first time we've seen her lose control even a little, and it was because of Skye, who she's been cold and distant from this entire time. It might be a weird moment of out of character-ness, but it felt more like she's been being distant because she actually has all sorts of secret feelings**, and she doesn't want them to compromise her--and if that's so, we finally have a reason for her meanness, and some depth to her character!
  • She was included when Coulson said "we're her family" and I died and came back to life and died again. If they're Skye's family, then they're all eachother's family, and I'm so flipping happy, because that's what I've been wanting since the beginning, and all the jittering and not fitting together was causing me all sorts of anxiety.
It looks like the rest of the season is going to be a powerhouse! And if it ends really well, any shakiness in the first half suddenly gets recontextualized, and becomes set-up and foreshadowing and necessary pre-conditions for the punch at the end, and then it's all great. And then I fear less for them surviving past season 2, because they will have intentionally hit their stride at just the right moment and can power through the next season.

So what do you think? What are your theories?

* And again, why so much trouble for one guy? Is he already a crazy-big investment that they didn't want to lose, even before he died??
** Motherly feelings?
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