NASA, in their inestimable awesomeness, created a stunning set of vintage-inspired posters, the Exoplanet Travel Series, inviting people to explore Kepler-186f, HD 40307 g, and Kepler-16b, three exoplanets located in the potentially habitable Goldilocks zone of their respective systems.

A planet following this Goldilocks Principle is one that is neither too close nor too far from a star to rule out liquid water on its surface and thus life (as humans understand it) on the planet. However, planets within a habitable zone that are unlikely to host life (e.g., gas giants) may also be called Goldilocks planets. The best example of a Goldilocks planet is the Earth itself.

Although little is known about each of these planets, the posters give an idea of what life could potentially be like there based on some of their distinctive characteristics. For example, Kepler-16b is pitched as "Where your shadow always has company," because it orbits a pair of stars, potentially causing visitors to cast two shadows.

Click here to learn more about each of these exoplanets and download high-res versions of these inspiring posters.

[via Design Taxi and Laughing Squid]

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