Thursday, July 9, 2015

#SDCC Marvel Livestream notes Part 1!

(just a pic, not the link. That's here:

I'm coming into the Livestream at 12:30pm, it's taking approximately nine thousand years to load / start, and here's what I've got for the Marvel Livestream Day 1:

  • Lyndie Greenwood is gonna be there!
  • +Wendy Willis was quoted on the show! I know her! She's one of my customers and used to live near me!
  • Those full size Lego Hulk and Hulkbuster look awesome--and the Ultron set looks amazing! 
  • Think Geek:
    • Geeky charm bracelets! Baby groot! "We want to do more and more for the female fans"
    • Light up LED Black Widow teeshirts!
    • Starlord's knapsack!
    • Oh my god I need a Captain America shield backpack so hard.
  • for art books and music!
  • Biggest and Smallest FunkoPops--Hulkbuster and Ant-Man
  • Marvel Pinball sounds cool, but I don't really ever play pinball games?
  • Lyndie!
    • (I wonder if they'll only talk about Sleepy Hollow, or if they'll mention her time on Nikita?)
    • No Jenny Mills cosplayers bc she dresses like anyone else
    • She a comic fan!
    • Lyndie is gonna cosplay! Didi from Rat Queens!
    • She's dressed as Storm twice in a row! 
    • The move from Wilmington to Atlanta has delayed production on SH
    • She'd want Jenny to have Telekinesis or Telepathy--because she's "a little more manipulative"
    • October 1st premier!
    • She just joined Tumblr! 
    • They had to cancel the Sleepy Hollow panel???!!!
  • Black Panther fancy statue! And Majik and Emma Frost! 
  • So many new Minimates! Including a line of animated dudes only available at Wallgreens, of all places.
  • Kris Anka, artist for Captain Marvel, working with the showrunners for Agent Carter! 
    • That's a job I would love!
    • She's a personal character, but he's loving getting to handle Super-man level powers
    • She's the Emissary to Earth from space now
    • Works all digital for comics
    • "They wouldn't hire me to do anything they didn't want me to do"
    • Follow him on IG for customs!
  • Nicole Perlman, writer of Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel movies!
    • I wonder why they stopped doing this movie-incubation program? It seems to have done well!
    • One of the reasons she wanted to do the comic was because of the difference between Gamorra in the comics and the movie.
  • Sana Amanat
    • "I do stuff. I work on things."
    • Carol gets her own team and her own space station!
    • Lol, they didn't turn off the mic and we could hear them just chatting.
I think this is long enough for a part one, don't you?

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