Thursday, October 8, 2015

12 Monkeys was at NYCC today!

The Panel, Part 1, and then Part 2!

Everything the panel and the trailer tell us:

The trailer shows the 40s, the present, and the future, and Terry says it's also going to have the 50s, the 60s, the 70s, and possibly some new parts of the future.

Cole and Cassie are together in the 40s! Smiling! And she's wearing a red dress at a place where there's dancing!

And then later in the trailer, they're holding guns on each other, and he's trying to convince her that she has a choice.

They say they've basically switched sides in the hardness scale (which I assume means they have to find a new middle ground to meet on).

There's a scene with all three--Cole, Cassie, AND Ramse!

Jennifer is going to be sane! But Emily won't say "how or why", and in the trailer, she's saying "you're finally going to stop me" so there's definitely a whole lot of other stuff going on there! We also see a little of her and Cole, and it looks like she's trying to convince him of something in one part, and maybe trying to kill him (or weirdly seduce him?) in another.*

Deacon is going to be a main character! He has to decide which crazy side he's going to side with, and it will depend on which he thinks he'll back the best chance surviving on. He knows who Cassie is because she was all over TV when he was a kid.** He's going to take her under his wing the way he once did with Cole.***

Maybe that's why we see Cassie stabbing someone?

Jones is going to have new people to work with! One of them is a love interest of some sort, since she says "Jones gets laid!", and there's some new complication in there, because we see her above saying something about "Using time against itself".

There's something worse than the Plague out there.****

There's going to be more character stuff this season, with the time-jumping being used to show back stories and the why's behind people's actions, as well as tell the story.

We're going to find out why Olivia and the Pallid Man don't age--Jones's serum slows that mess down some, but there's another way, too.*****

The trailer has one of those Blue Man Group people getting sponged down and it turns out to be a girl. We know almost nothing about them!

Cole says "I can feel it" and he's looking at his hands--is that when he starts splintering again? Or is it a new thing, like feeling time changing or something? And at one point, Cassie's trying to convince him that everything has changed and the mission is different, and he says that the only time anything changed was when he saved someone who was supposed to die. That argument might be the ideological boundary between them.

There's a shot that looks like the Machine tearing Cole apart! Is it his turn to be killed and saved by time travel?

The show isn't coming back until APRIL! Ugh, I thought we were almost done with the wait, but it just got four months longer! I'd rather have a delayed wonderful season than a shitty rushed one, especially after how tight and good season 1 was, but it's still a murderous wait.

My very own friend Danyi was one of the people who asked a question, and they knew who she was from Twitter, and when she asked about Cassie's grey-streak, Terry said something vague about a big trauma that happens to Cassie.

I feel like there's gonna be a lot of Cole looking sad.

And I'm sure there's piles of stuff I'm not remembering; what did you catch? Share in the comments, or come talk to me on Twitter!

*Maybe she feels like she has to deliver the virus, since she was being all mothered by Olivia? Who knows what happened to her mind then? Like, the way she said "you're finally going to stop me" sounds like she doesn't want to do that, or she's realized that it's bad, but she feels like she can't stop herself...
**The same messages that brought Cole back to her in 2017, I'm assuming, but who knows how long she was the face of the CDC before Cole showed up?
***And we all know how poorly that turned out. If he's the sort who tries to make people like him, and Cole rebelled, can we hope Cassie would, too? Does she have a bond close enough to make her fight back, the way Cole had Ramse?
****Something that the Plague had hidden from history?
*****I'm guessing using the Paradox energy; Cole has now been exposed to both of them directly, and I wonder what that means for him.
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