Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Letter from the editor - March 2016

Hello lovely geeks!

February, even though it was a day longer than usual, still felt incredibly short and fast, didn't it? We hardly did anything we'd intended to do--how about you? But March is officially the end of the first quarter since we made the promise to make Professional Fangirl a real site*, and it's time to make sure we're still on track. That puts me in mind of making sure everything is on track--and since this is a site called Professional Fangirl, it makes me think about plot lines and story arcs and whether our favorite stories are going how we think they should--and how much what we think matters to the people who make the show.

So that's the open question for the readers and the bloggers this month: How on-track are your shows? Which shows went off track spectacularly and which got it just right? What old examples do you use as a yardstick to measure whether a show is on track or not?

I'll post our answers (and the answers to last month's question that I never posted) later, and in the meantime, feel free to talk about that in the comments or in the community (linked in the sidebar)!

Happening this month:

  • Blindspot and Gotham are back, finally!
  • Colony will be wrapping up, and we'll see whether there's good enough payoff for all the trauma they've been living through!
  • Agent Carter wraps up it's second season tonight, and Agents of Shield comes back on the 8th
  • PBS airs a documentary about A Year In Space
  • Damien, about the kid from the devil-movie grown up, launches on the 7'th
  • Daredevil comes back on the 18th and brings new and beloved people with him!
  • Stitchers comes back on the 22nd! Yay!
  • And on the 31st, Ovation is airing a movie called The Brilliant Bronte Sisters that will either be awesome or totally boring
  • Elementary movies to Sunday nights part way through the month, which could be okay, or could be a bad sign, depending--I always get nervous when they start moving shows around
  • Rush Hour launches, while we're talking about odd crime shows
And this month's movies:
  • 11th: 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • 18th: Allegiant, Little Prince, Pee-Wee's Big Holiday, Midnight Special, A Space Program (and The Bronze, notable because of Seb Stan, if not scifi)
  • 25th: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Identicals (poor them, going up against BvS!)
And we've got SO MUCH MORE lined up as the months unfold! What're you guys looking forward to this year? Is this going to be the geekiest year on record?

*I always think "a real site" in Pinocchio's voice. Also, I'm totally drinking tea out of a moscow mule mug in that pic, and burning my lips like a doof.
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