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Captain America: The Winter Spoilers!

This is so not a spoiler free blog, so if you haven't seen the movie yet 1) what the heck are you waiting for, 2) stop reading right now, and 3) if you're still reading, you've been warned and any spoileration is totes on you. And there's SO MUCH I want to talk about.

So! In whatever order it occurs to me!

They mentioned Steven Strange by name!
I'm one of the ones rooting SO HARD for a Doctor Strange movie. I haven't read a huge number of his comics, but I have loved the ones I have read, and I feel like he's off the wall enough that he'd be awesome on screen. Also, he wears the most ridiculous outfit in the comics, and I have a burning need to see how they make it less dumb but still look like him.

He's on the list, too, which means he could become of threat to evil-Shield, and that's already making his super-interesting. Also on that list? The Hulk. Which gives awesome nods toward the idea that sooner or later the avengers are gonna have to take Hulk down--and with Tony and Bruce being Science Bros, that's gonna be HARD.

And it is spectacular! Coulson and Co have been chasing the edges of this thing all season, and they really know more than Cap does at this point, even though Cap is the one who brought it down with his bare hands in one day. Or did he? Because he took out the main building, he exposed the leadership and the conspiracy, the destroyed the three deadly new weapons...but Shield is global, and Hydra has held out for ages, so who knows what's still around and how they'll react?

I smell a Cap 3 in the works already, even though it'll literally be, like, three or four years before there's a gap in the schedule for it.

Cap is so cute.
Through the whole thing. Not as awkward and naive as he was before, but still sweet and a little unsure and adorable whenever he doesn't have to destroy something large with his bare hands because he's been hanging out with Hulk and picked up some destructo-power. I mean, that plane? Pure Hulk Smash. But he maintains his integrity, and he has cool one-liners, and he wrestles with the weight of who and what he is and where he finds himself--and he still won't ask a girl out because maybe she'll say yes, and he jokes with the other old soldiers, and he remembers things without getting mopey over them.

I just want to squish his face. That notebook of stuff to get to know alone qualifies for a face-squishing.

I mean, I knew who the Winter Soldier was about the moment they told us the name of this story, but still. There wasn't a lot of non-mind-controlled stuff with him, but the dude played what he had really well--the fierce brainstorming, the conflict, the resistance when it started coming back. And in the meantime, he was about the most badass single villain we've seen (who wasn't Loki, who is only mostly a villain anyway).

Speaking of, he's sort of in a Loki-adjacent relationship--brother/brother-like that went bad and now needs to be redeemed. Though, not being a god of chaos and mischief, I bet it'll go better in the end for him. I'm SO looking forward for Cap 3 and seeing how he does as a free agent in search of meaning and memories, while also sort of being where Cap was in Avengers, time-wise, since he was active through the last 70 years, but wasn't aware of it and so has to adapt now.

Maria Hill continues to kick ass!
She is such a great example of a woman in a man's world who can hold her own without being exactly the same as a dude. She's still a lady. She cares about things in a womanly way. But she will totally kill you if you get in her way while she's busy being loyal as a second in command to someone who went rogue and no one knows why. Beautiful.

Fury is so much more badass than we even thought.
Action!Fury is something I wanted to see before, not just BehindTheScenesInCharge!Fury. This time, we got it in spades, and it was great. Also, I'm pretty sure that zappy-carvy thing was actually a lightsabre. Just saying.

We also got emotions other than annoyance and anger, we got compromise, we got real human interaction (he had a grandpa? he didn't just appear whole and angry?). And we got him facing down the one person who he thought he could trust the most, and finding out that the one he thought he was in control of was actually the one he needed to trust. That's a lot of emotional stuff going on for our Fury.

Agent 13!
Her name is Sharon! Maybe Sharon Carter, relative of Peggy, cannon girlfriend (at some point) of Cap? Even if she's someone else entirely, she was believable as a guarded but friendly neighbor, as a badass chick in the ranks, and as a brave rebel when things went south. She survived the climax, she moved on, and she's still there when the movie ends, so I'm hoping for Big Things in Cap 3 for her!

Falcon is so neat.
Saucy, irreverent, super-capable, brave, caring, very human, and still also very much a super hero in his own right. I hope he gets his wings back. I hope he is there in Cap 3. I hope he gets a movie of his own! I hope he gets to meet Rhodey and they can talk about how annoying it can be, being the sidekick when you're super capable on your own.

Someone write that fic for me.

The tag! The Twins! Loki's staff!
Holy crapballs, that was an awesome tag! Not only did we get straight-up Nazis still doing whatever stuff they do, telling us that we still have Hydra, that it didn't entirely merge with Shield, but we got nefarious studies done on Loki's staff, and THEN we got QUICKSILVER AND SCARLET WITCH! They're supers who were apparently made, rather than born, and so far they're as separate from the quandary that is Magneto-belongs-to-another-studio-that-is-currently-using-him--but they're there! And they're nuts. And they're likely to be villains.

The second tag, while informative, really could have been Coulson showing up and telling Cap "I'm alive, I'm doing what you're doing, and I'm with you", but I guess that was too much to ask, what with the fact of his show and all.

Will Loki want his staff back? Is it Asgardian or Chitauri or Other or a merge, and what will the mean old Nazis do with it? What have they already done with it? How much of what they did with it was involved with the whole Insight thing? Does it have anything to do with The Twins?

Super-spy-ness x 1000000!
Which is exactly what a movie set in Shield that finds out no one can be trusted should be! It's also what I wanted Agents of Shield to be all along, so maybe now that can happen--what with the last ep happening concurrently, as far as I could tell*, and Coulson basically doing the same thing Cap is doing, though from the other direction.

Weird targeting system ready to take out twenty million potentially awesome new characters!
This was amazing! A dead Nazi scientist who survived his own collapse by duplicating his mind on fifty thousand reel-to-reel computers, came up with an algorithm that used modern documented and surveillance technology to study people's pasts and predict and manipulate their futures**, to identify people who will later be a problem for Hydra, and take them out now! It's a stunningly complex and super-techy-cool idea to be the heart of the conspiracy (as far as we know), and I really hope that Zola had backups of himself. Because he was totally not worried about that bunker-buster that took him out, and he isn't yet a screen in a big thug-belly yet.

And now there's a list! A list orders of magnitude bigger than the one that Coulson was working off of, though potentially from the same place, or working on the same ideas. A list of people who could become heroes and villains and mega hackers and whatever else might mess up Hydra's plans, and that is so evocative.

Natasha and Steve flirting!
So cute. Mostly because Steve was like "um, what?" and Nat was like "I'mma just gonna mess with you some more". Also because I read a lot of Steve-tasha fanfic after the Avengers and all of it was not at all like the actuality of them flirting. It was adorable, without ever really becoming a thing, and her trying to set him up with someone while simultaneously flirting with him, while also saving the world? So much fun.

Wonder where Clint was?
My bro read an article that says he was missing for a reason and that we'll find out what that reason is eventually***, but what made me think of it was that when they were in the middle of Questioning All The Loyalties, he wasn't even mentioned. Not even by Nat, who is his closest friend, as far as I can tell, who wouldn't question him, and certainly not in any way that she'd have to defend him.

And now I'm super curious about that.

Nat just in general.
I really like the idea that he trusts her, that he can see through the layers of snark and artifice and know that she's trustworthy, and that it's surprising to her, since she basically just has Clint and Fury and not much else in her life, when the Avengers aren't around.

AND! She got to use her zappy things, she got to be a total badass, she got a little sliver of backstory, and a whole lot of exposure that hasn't fallen out yet, and she was loyal even when no one else was. She was open and sweet and killer and dangerous and hackerific and self-sacrificing and basically just wonderful through the whole movie.

Not all the avengers were on that lost tho.
I don't remember exactly, but it was just Hulk, I think. Tony has been helping Shield with their tech****, Cap, Widow and Hawkeye work for them, Thor is off the grid because he's off world most of the time, which means that the one with the most power in the team is the one that's most exposed if this List goes wonky and someone starts tracking down those people for some reason.

And now I want that to happen. And I want Bruce to have to find and team up with other people who WERE on that List, and form his own team to survive the fallout of Shield being torn up and exposed--because you know the various pockets of crazy there are now going to go off on their own, trying to do whatever they were meant to do, but in their own way.

Poor old Peggy!
She was a heartbreaker--and then she broke my heart. I love that Steve found her. I love that he visited her and held her hand and treated her like she was still the young lady he knew, that he could have loved. I love that he stayed with Shield because she helped found it.

What if when they reassemble the Avengers, they just all bring all these new people with them, and they're like "what, he's cool."
I mean, Tony has Rhodey, who is a hero in his own right, and Pepper who may or may not have an adapted form of Extremis***** and who has worn the suit and could use it (and did, in the comic, at some point); Cap has Falcon and maybe Bucky if he can get him back; Clint and Nat have each other, and maybe Agent 13, and almost definitely Hill; Thor has Selvig and Jane and Darcy and Ian-the-intern; Hulk has Betty, maybe, and probably someone else. Who knows what the connection with Guardians will be, but Antman was actually a member in the comics and comes with his own team and allies.

So what if they just all join up in, like, Avengers 3? What if what we're headed for is the mega-team the comics has, with dozens of people who can answer any call, even several at a time?

That'd be awesome, that's what.

So what do you want to talk about from Cap 2? I'm up for any and all discussions!

*Jemma went to the Triskellion without Fitz and was cut off because something was happening, and they don't know about all this yet because they were dealing with their own something, which hasn't fallen out yet. Which means maybe Simmons can have something to do with the recovery and some first hand info about what happened there to bring back to Coulson and Co, and they can start lacing all the disconnected facts they've been chasing together.
**Imma call it that The Clairvoyant is part of the Algorithm or reads it, and that's how he Knows Stuff and also how no one ever sees him. Also that Coulson was right about Pusher From X-Files not being the actual one.
***I hope in a short. If not, I hope it means he's getting his own movie set up and they just haven't announced it yet.
****And he is going to be so pissed when he finds out they were The Enemy All Along, and that they've been using his tech for Evil when he specifically and explicitly stopped doing that himself.
*****I'm going to keep saying she does, and that she's living with it and learning to use it so she's not a helpless bystander to Tony's adventures anymore, and that she just hasn't been called on to save the world yet, until such time as cannon proves me wrong. And maybe even after that, depending.
Also, speaking of that, the wrap-up stuff at the ends of the movies isn't instant; it takes a while to take a widget out of your chest, scavenge your old collapsed mansion and fix your girlfriend; it takes a while for Hill and 13 to get new jobs; it takes a while for Thor to clean up the mess and come back to Jane. So those parts could be concurrent, and that's why they don't mention each other--they might not know about each other yet, since they're all working it out for themselves, still. I think I'm very interested in seeing how the Official Timeline***** is going to look by the time Ultron happens...
******Also this one:
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