Monday, April 28, 2014

Options for the Mentalist's season ender

Warning, this will be shippy.


So going into the last three episodes of the season, Lisbon has been dating this guy Pike who is nice and normal and charming, and he's asked her to move to DC with her. She's been waffling about whether she'll take him up on the offer or not, and has only just told Jane about it. Jane took it okay, telling her that if she's happy, he's happy, while her face made it clear that she wanted him to tell her to stay and his made it clear that he was being a martyr for her wellbeing, and my face made it clear that these two were crushing my heart to pieces.

So here's the options I see them having as they head into the finale, without the usual comfort of a confirmed renewal, despite the fact that Simon Baker's contract apparently runs for seven years and this is only six.

1. He'll let her go, thinking it's best for her, and she'll go thinking he doesn't care and never knowing that he does, and everyone will be broken up and all the fans will riot.

2. He'll let her go and she'll decide not to and come back to him, which would be nice, but I really want HIM to make a definitive move on HER, because every woman we've seen him interacting with in the whole run of this show has been the one who made all the moves, and it never got serious because he's the one who's damaged and not ready. Him making the move would prove that he IS ready and I would CHEER MY FACE OFF.

3. He'll tell her not to go, and she'll go anyway, and then realize it was a mistake and come back and they'll have that talk they should have had AGES AGO about how they feel about each other and how they treat each other.

4. He'll not give her a reason to stay, and she'll go, and then Cho, Fisher, Abbot, Wylie and like, everyone else who has ever met them, will tell him he's being an idiot and this was the wrong choice, and he'll run across the airport to catch her before she gets through security and THE WORLD WILL IMPLODE WITH HAPPINESS.

This last one, I think, would be even better if she'd already decided of her own accord, thinking that Jane didn't like her that way, that she didn't actually want to give up her life here in Texas that was just starting to make sense to fly off to DC where she's got nothing, not even a job lined up, and has to start from scratch. So she leaves him at the security point, and THEN Jane comes running up with his revelation, and then they can meet on even, fair, balanced ground as equals and totally make out.

See, my interpretation of how he's been acting is that he's worried and jealous and annoyed (probably at himself), but that he also realizes that he's not been the best of partners for her (cough-leaving her with all the mess and not sharing his plans with her for ten + years-cough), and he thinks that she is happy enough with this hard-working, normal, stable guy that he's trying really hard to get out of her way and make it easy on her. Which is heartbreaking, because he's trying so hard to be the good loser of a contest that he hasn't really made any definitive moves on, that he doesn't realize that she's giving him every single opportunity to tell her to stay. The more episodes we get, the more it looks like she's willing to stay even if he's just being a petulant baby who needs tending, and the more it looks like he's determined not to do that, and the more it looks like they'll part unhappy on both sides.

Which is why I'm more and more sure they'll end the season making out.

Because this might be the end of the show, if they don't get renewed and if Heller can't get them picked up on any other network (I say shop it to one of the ones doing well with the reruns!), and if those two don't end up together, the whole show will be ruined for a vocal and active part of the fanbase. Also, there's no reason not to get them together if we'll never get more episodes! They (the writers) can't ruin it with them being together if there's no more show.

And if they do get another season, miraculously, they can work on proving, as Castle and Bones are, that being together DOES NOT EQUAL the death of the show. I mean, think how hard it was to deal with Jane when he was only sort of tied to anyone; now think of him still being him, but with a vested and spoken and admitted interest in the wellbeing of a woman who puts herself in harm's way every day. And imagine her wanting him to be a boyfriend and him still being Jane! Imagine the two least-likely-to-properly-communicate-feelings people on TV trying to figure out how to be a functioning couple! And imagine the team dealing with the two of them being obviously together!

Gold, I tells ya.

Bonus points if any of this happens:
  • Wylie is so swept away by the love in the air that he proposes to that blonde girl in the desk next to him.
  • Abbot and Fisher or Cho and Fisher decide to confess their feelings for each other in the spirit of honesty and love.
  • Jane takes off his ring, and then buys a new one for Lisbon and tells her that they've known each other long enough they should just skip right to marriage.
  • She accepts.
  • OR she proposes to him after he confesses to her.
The ad for next week looks promising-- I know ads lie, and especially so with shows like this, but we have Drunk Jane (or seemingly drunk Jane) looking like he's worried about being finally sent to jail and losing everything he's just gotten back + Pike sort of pushing Lisbon for an answer + Jane showing up at Lisbon's house alone at night (which is one of my favorite things that people on TV do and something I've been wanting to see for AGES, whatever the context) + Jane finally telling her, if gently, that he hops she decides to stay. And that ad doesn't even tell us anything about what else might be going on--like that new villain, or that missing girl, or, like a case.

So what do you think / hope will happen as we careen into what could be the last few shows ever?
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