Sunday, September 7, 2014

Liveblog roundup masterpost!

So two things happened. I got behind on posting the roundups, as I knew I would, and I had a rough week where I felt like crap. And coming up, we've got premiers happening, which will keep me behind the way I've been doing it, so I'm going to instead link you to the right place to see everything! Much quicker, and all in one post! That way, I can keep up easier AND I can have a blog that isn't 90% reposts from somewhere else!

The Emmys:

The biggest criticism I hear about the Emmys is that it's famous people patting each other on the back, but I like it because it's famous people hanging out with each other and proving they're all still the dorks they probably were in high school.

You can find my hopes and exclamations here!

The Quest:
This show is so ridiculous, borderline cheesy, and so totally earnest that I can't help it. I love it. Even if they CONTINUE to get really stupid when it comes to the weekly eliminations. Even if they keep booting the ones I like best.

You can find my cheering and such here! Note, though, I did miss an episode somewhere along the line because it was preempted by stupid local football, and I don't know when it actually aired.

Hell on Wheels:
I was seriously not happy with this show for the first, like, three episodes, but it won me back over as soon as it got back into the town--where it belongs. Though I do wish people would stop being assholes just to be assholes, and I do miss the central story element of the train. Oh well. This last week's episode about Elam in the Comanche camp was soo cool.

You can find my commentary here!

This show. You guys. If Hell On Wheels and Game of Thrones are masculine juvenile fantasies, this one is a feminine adult fantasy. I mean, last night had all sorts of dick jokes and dudes being assholes, but it also had people being educated, people caring about what happens to their people, and Claire finally reaching that place in all time-travel stories where you stop blindly reacting and you start trying to change the tragedies you happen to know will happen.

And there's still Jamie being amazing.

You can find my squeeing here!

Doctor Who:
I think this right here is the theme of the season. So far, anyway. I'm loving 12. I love that he's grouchy, that he doesn't like hugs, that he doesn't know what to do with people kissing him or laughing at things, that he's confused and strange and sort of like a really awkward mad scientist--but that he's also trying to be good and to fix things, because through it all, he knows that he's caused a lot of trouble, too.

It's great.

You can see my constant commentary here!

That's it for this week (and last week and a bit that I didn't do here), and you can see what I'll be watching this week and whether any new shows will be included in the next post!
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