Sunday, September 7, 2014

This week in geeky TV

You guys! Every week brings us closer to the days when everything is sunny and all my shows are back! This is especially exciting this year because most of them avoided the axe (RIP Almost Human and Intelligence!)!

Here's what's on the list for this week, most likely to be liveblogged over on the ol Tumblr unless my schedule gets in the way:

SUNDAY 9-7-14
The ABCs of Schoolhouse Rock - I may or may not blog this one, but I think everyone should know it's on!

Utopia - A new reality series where people try to build a new and better society from scratch. There's eliminations, which bugs me, but they'll be replaced, so it doesn't come down to, like, one person trying to run a whole society.

MONDAY 9-8-14
Nothing yet; waiting for when all my procedurals come back!

TUESDAY 9-9-14
Utopia on at it's regular time, where it will conflict with the approximately 700 shows already slated for that day.

Robin Williams Remembered--A Pioneers of Television Special - Don't know if I'll get to catch this, but again, it's something I think we should all take note of.

Why is there never anything to watch on Weds? Is it intended to be the day when you catch up on all the stuff you missed in the way-too-busy first half of the week?

THURSDAY 9-11-14
The usual: The Quest

There's a bunch of World Trade Center specials on this night, but I probably won't blog them because that's not fun.

FRIDAY 9-12-14
Z Nation - I'm not sure about this show; it looks like a throwback to the times before Walking Dead, and that's not really interesting to me. Also, it's on SyFy, which I have come not to trust. But it's in my wheelhouse and maybe I'll be surprised.

Utopia's other episode. It had better be good, taking up this much space in the schedule!

SATURDAY 9-13-14
The usuals: Doctor Who, Hell On Wheels, Outlander

Next Week I'm looking forward to:
New Girl, Mindy Project, The Mysteries of Laura
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