Thursday, October 9, 2014

Shows I want to spawn off of the Arrow-Flash-verse

This is a picture of my tv right now. This has been my TV for fourteen days.

In the last two weeks, I watched every episode of Arrow Season One AND Two to prep for the new season and the premier of Flash. And they did such a good job of spinning off Flash with deep roots in the father show rather than just the usual one-show-there-you-go sort of spinoff, that now I want these two shows to spin off ALL THE SHOWS. But especially the following:

Blue Beetle - They've already introduced Kord as a lab, so why not dudeface himself as an awesome inventor / crime fighter? And for bonus points, give me Booster Gold and make it a buddy-vigilante show.

Nightwing / Batgirl / etc - We have had enough Batman, we all know him. But think how cool it would be, in-world, if te next generation had their own show and it wasn't stupid? What if Barman never shows, is just something people talk about--if he was actually the legend he should be? Bonus points: if he does show, he's Aflek totally being movie-Bats, cleanly uniting the verse in one stroke.

Zatanna - Magical AND stage-magic AND fishnets! What more do you need?

Martian Manhunter - Black cop by day, green alien by night! Shape shifting super-power procedural! How cool would that be?

Power Girl - A girl Kryptonian? Sign me up!

Wonder Woman - This one is probably too much to ask since she's one of the JLA Big Three, and if she's on TV and isn't Gal Gadot, it basically makes uniting the TV-verse and DCCU impossible but... But Wonder Woman. Srsly. 

Shazam - If they can make a kid who is given god-powers and transforms into a super hero cool, which I think these people could, just think how much fun it'd be!

I don't know a whole lot about non-JLA DC, but I'm sure there are plenty more awesome dudes and dudettes (even though I call everyone a dude regardless of gender) that I would love to see have their own show. 

Who would you like to see? Which DC spinoff would make you so happy you'd just keel right over?
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