Thursday, December 4, 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange!

(Shamelessly cropped from my own IG feed, replayed from @TheNerdTruth, which is a fun IG greeky news account)

It's official!

And here's why I think it will be AMAZING:
- Benedict takes roles he knows he can inhabit and just, like, roll around in-- look at how richly he played Khan*. Or anything.
- He's very good at being super-smart people in a way that's full of arrogance, but also flawed and human and relatable.
- He's friends with Tom Hiddleston, so I'm sure he has heard what it's like, and he tried out for and took the role, so he feels like he can do it.
- He's Shakespearean--he can make anything work, and you need that sort of gravitas to make something that's probably going to be a third in an alternate magical hell dimension work.
- Guardians of the Galaxy was bonkers, and it worked.

And I mean
- Imagine that voice intoning magical phrases.
- I really want to see him in that cape.

::waits until eyes stop dilating::


I am excited. Even if the movie is mediocre, he could elevate it--but really, I think the time for mediocre MCU movies is past. They're too far into the story now to put up with that mess.

So what do you think?

*He can't help that he's not Indian, and yes, they could have hired an Indian dude, but that's not what we're talking about here. This is be acknowledging the problematics and saying it's Not Okay, and then coming back to the point I'm making here, which is that he chewed up all that scifi scenery like a king. Chris Pine tried so hard and was just totally out-acted in all their scenes.
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