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Geeky TV commentary - Killjoys season 1 finale and Dark Matter 1.11

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Killjoys aired at 9pm on Syfy Friday, and DarkMatter airs at 10 until the finale next week.

This week in space, things get kinda intense.

In the finale here, everything finally came together! Mostly. Johnny and Dutch were called away by Rich Lady to guard her as she attended the ceremony where seventh-generation indentured servants were meant to be upgraded to middle class on a better world, but she's still as shifty as she always was. She got her hands on that generational bomb that they found a few episodes ago and wiped out the whole new family that was meant to be middle class without so much as a blink of her perfectly lined eye!

And while they were doing that, they found out that they were only there because Khlyen wanted them there--which of course made them super keen to not be there. A Level Six almost got the drop on Dutch, licked her because that's what gross henchmen do, and then got splattered by Johnny because you don't mess with Dutch when Johnny's there. Along the way, they find out a number of things:
  • Dav has spotted Khlyen, who has taken back his liquid computer; he's following him and winds up getting beaten up and kidnapped by him
  • Khlyen has killed Carleen because no woman Johnny is friendly with is ever allowed to live except Dutch*
  • The Company has decided that Oldtown is too much trouble and they're just gonna frag the place
They head back and go to rescue Alvis from prison so he can muster his revolutionary forces (because the massacre that seemed to be his people in the beginning was totally hired martyrs, as they found out when they went into the tunnels to make contact with Alvis's people), but before they can get him out, he's using the most awesome prayer beads ever to bust himself out. He goes back into his tunnels to help save people from the carpet bombing, because he knows how to get into big old bunkers that were built underground during terraforming and never used.

Meanwhile, Pawter wanted Johnny to find her mother and tell her that she's sorry and she loves her, and being that he's the best human being on the show, he tries to, but her mom says she has no daughter. That makes Pawter refuse to go with them when they evac a few people on Lucy; she stays with Alvis in the tunnels.

Pree goes with them, but he almost doesn't leave his bar. It's good that he lives because it might be a dealbreaker if he hadn't!

The local military man stays in the bar and apparently gets blown up with a heartbreaking old couple and a sad hooker and it's a shame because he was almost getting interesting.

And Dav wakes up in Red 17 which turns out to be a crazy-secret base on Arkyn, the so-called failed attempt at terraforming where supposedly no one ever went! Fancy is there, but he's all hooked up to machines and who knows what's going on with him. Or, now, with Dav.

At the beginning of the episode, Dutch was still balking at letting Dav back on the ship (which is maybe illegal anyway, if this was official business, since they all divorced last episode?), and by the end she was wanting to stay where the bombs were to save him, without knowing where he was, and records a fierce "I will find you" message. All very epic, but it would be more convincing if the two of them had had more time to actually build up something other than sad looks and fighting. There are moments of the good stuff, but mostly they don't feel like they match up--though when he's on his best behavior and being all pining and understanding, he's less of a jackass and it's easier to like him.

The episode as a whole was bonkers. There was so much going on, and our main characters were all sort of flailing around trying to figure out where they should go and what they should do, but no one can resist the downward spiral into a cliffhanger, so we're left at a clear breaking point--but with no resolutions. What's happening to Dav and is that what they meant to happen to Dutch? Does Khlyen really feel like he's protecting Dutch or did he just say that as an excuse for how bent he is? Will the revolution be able to fight the full might of the Company carpetbombing them? Will the tunnels hold out? Will this finally make Dutch and Johnny pick the side of the downtrodden and not just skimming the surface of their problems when the warrant calls for it? Will the team get back together--and will they keep the other awesome members they keep finding and not keeping on the ship with them, like Pree, Pawter, all those dead girls?

Other stuff:
  • Apparently, it was Khlyen who killed Dutch's husband back before she met Johnny, not her, and he did it, he implied, because she was caring about him too much--which is why he didn't kill Dav when he could have. It's hard to believe that doing whatever Red 17 does will work out any better for him than killing him would have, though.
  • I don't feel Dav-Dutch much, but I'm fine with it. I'm super-divided on Johnny-Dutch tho, because on the one hand, he obviously cares more about her than about anyone else ever, and it might explain why none of his other relationships are exclusive or permanent. But on the other hand, they're such a perfect team. 
  • Alvis doesn't like all pain, apparently.
  • Johnny knows the prayer word for word; did he study to be a Scarback? Were they raised religious but he doubted too much? Is he just someone who learns stuff because he can?
  • That tunnel lord (the Rat King?) and his sick sister need to survive the bombing because they were only out of the tunnels because Johnny told him to get her to a doctor.
  • Did they just break ties with their rich benefactor? Did she just take over the rulership?

Dark Matter:
We're still a week away from the finale on this one, but that doesn't mean it's any less exciting. And the best part here was that most of the action happens because of the ladies.

Two is out of the airlock. Three takes it very badly, and when they're moving the crew to the vault to keep them out of the way and take over the ship, he and Four try to fight back--and get beat up. Not long after, they pull One back out and beat him up with a purpose, trying to find out what he knows about some big hidden haul that he's either forgotten, or that he never knew because he's not really Jace Corso, though he can't say that because then he's expendable. They drag Five in and threaten to break her fingers to make him talk--and then they threaten to molest her, and that's way worse. And also lazy writing.** They're interrupted before they get anywhere and the two of them have a bonding moment over how important Two was to both of them. 

He goes back in the vault and they take Five to fix the FTL, because apparently the coupling they had to send Anne Droid out to fix before has come uncoupled again. They send Wonder Twin One, the tall boy twin, out to fix it and he's there for about three minutes before he says something breached his air supply and then his signature floats off the schematic as he dies on the intercom. It's Two! She didn't die, as we all knew she wouldn't because she's got Wolverine's healing power, dragged herself over to stop him from fixing the engines, and then got herself back into the airlock. As soon as there was air, she was fine and it was super-fast and awesome, and then she went about taking out the baddies with her bare hands and their own weapons. 

Meanwhile, a ship that the hijackers were supposed to meet up with to sell off that cargo has arrived, and she takes out those soldiers, too. The ship spooks and leaves them without a buyer, and then Two makes it to the bridge. The boys are all suffocating in the vault, and she puts Wexler*** into the airlock where he put her, and gets him to tell her what the new lock code is. Five gets them out and tells them about Two. Two shunts him out the airlock anyway. 

He deserved it, but it's a turning point for her--she hadn't really killed anyone like that before, it was always in combat and defense. How will she handle it? Five also killed someone, but she seems to be handling it just fine, which indicates that she's either tougher than they all think, or she's done it before and she's not so innocent as she seems, anyway.

Once the ship is their own, they decide to sell the cargo themselves, and make off with the money, but the device, once fully powered off, hollowed out the planet they sold it to, and they almost got caught in the gravity distortions. Was that intentional? Did they sabotage it? Was it already sabotaged? Was it a fluke? They seemed as surprised as anyone, so if it was intentional, it wasn't them--or at least current-them.

And when they finally reactivate the woefully under-used and under-appreciated Anne Droid, she does a round of medical tests on Two to see how she survived, and finds out that she was never born--she's a synthetic being, every bit of her manufactured to precise specs and infused with nanites more advanced than the ones in Anne even--which is illegal and doesn't officially exist, so she'll probably be killed if anyone official finds out who / what she is.

Which begs the question: was she always synth, or is she also a replacement for the original, the way One was? 

That commonality puts One back on her side, which is great, but her not-quite-humanness makes the others twitchy. Again. Come on, people. 

It was great watching people bond this episode, even if the reveal about Two undid all of it soon after; One and Five don't get a lot of downtime together, and she's been in his farmboy memories, so they should have at least that in common as well as Two. He's also bonding with Three this episode, over their mutual esteem for Two, also, but in a manly, dudely way--like revenge. Those two are so fun as partners; they should be like the criminal version of buddy cops, regardless of Two. 

It was also great seeing Three really upset--he took Two's "death" and their complicity in it really hard, and the fierceness of his anger was actually more convincing of caring than One's sad moping. All of their reactions were pretty interesting--Four shutting down to "meditate" and focusing on logic and reason over emotion, Six's trying to keep the peace and make sure everyone understands everyone. The boys getting oxygen-drunk in the vault as the air ran out was great, too, especially since the girls were outside kicking butt.

And it all leads into the two-episode finale next week, when that dead planet and all their enemies have got to come back to haunt them.

So what did you guys think of this week's episode? And the all of Killjoys Season 1! The full-season review of that will come later, but what were your favorite parts? Your least favorite parts? Share in the comments below!

*Which is stupid and lazy writing and a waste, and if they don't make it a reason for that or fix it next season^, I'm gonna be even more annoyed.
^And there had better be a next season because #RenewKilljoys yall.
**Falling back on rape-threats to use a lady against a man is always lazy, and I'm disappointed.
***That name was used here, was previously on 12 Monkeys, and someone on Twitter said it was also used on Sharknado; what's up with Syfy using that name? Is it a clue? An in-joke? I MUST KNOW.

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