Monday, August 31, 2015

September's Geeky TV commentary plan!

Shows start coming back sooooooonnnnnn! It's so exciting! It's like life is getting back on track after the whole summer weirdness thing--summers are hell on TV-reviewers and people who organize their lives by TV schedule like me!

Here's the plan: I'll be livetweeting any of these that I can manage to catch live; I'll be reviewing / talking about most of the ones I see live, and doing periodical catch-up posts on anything I can't get live.

Keeping on:

  • Fear the Walking Dead
  • Vixen, when I get to it for the first time
  • Steampunked, when I get to it
Adding this month, at least once:
  • 8th - A one-shot review of Colbert's late show because I love him and it's my blog
  • 9th - Suddenly Royal
  • 11th - Continuum (final season!!!)
  • 15th - Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris / Mindy Project
  • 19th - Doctor Who!
  • 20th - The Emmys
  • 21st - Gotham / Scorpion / Minority Report / NCIS: LA / Castle / Blindspot
  • 22nd - Muppets / Limitless / maybe Scream Queens?
  • 23rd - Rosewood 
  • 24th - Heroes: Reborn / maybe The Player?
  • 25th - Amazing Race
  • 26th - Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon!
  • 28th - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
  • 29th - Grandfathered / The Grinder / Agents of SHIELD

Anyone know of any other geeky / nerdy shows starting in September that I don't know about yet? Add em in the comments and I'll see if there's any space in my life for yet more shows (but we know there will be, because there's also stuff coming in October and a little in November and then some I've really been waiting on in January!)

What're you guys excited about?

If I'm making myself Be Real, I know a lot of these are going to be sporadic and / or after-the-fact because Monday and Tuesday are gonna be WAY CROWDED once everything starts up, and that means a lot of watching on Wednesday and Thursday and on the weekends.
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