Monday, December 28, 2015

What we know about X-Files Season 10 because of this behind-the-scenes video

If you want to go in totally without any spoilers or hints, um, like, why are you here? Because I'm too excited and I wanna talk about this video!

Last chance to avoid whatever spoilers these might be!

Okay. OH MY GIDDY GODDESS OF FANDOMS, you guys, this show is actually a real thing that is actually happening and I can hardly believe our luck. This was the first show that totally ate my brain, the first one where I watched almost every single episode live, the first ship I had anyone to flail with about, and it's influenced me in SO MANY WAYS. From when I started dying my hair, to when I decided to tell stories as a living. It's big.

And it looks like they know exactly how big it is. And they're staying true.

Here's what we can learn from the video:

  • "Getting the band back together"
  • "Those familiar crossbeams of light coming out of the darkness, and that soundtrack"
  • "The first and the sixth would be mythology episodes, and the ones in the middle would be stand-alones" + "Of those standalones, there's gonna be one that's funnier than the others"
  • "The through-line is them confronting their age and confronting their life choices"
  • NOTE: Somehow, the lunatic Chris Carter still things "Mulder and Scully had a platonic relationship for nine years, even though we suggest they had a child together" (and we all know they kissed after that scene they showed there)
  • "I'm always happy to see you" "And I'm always happy to find a reason"
  • "Back in the day, I used to do stairs AND in three-inch heels!"
  • Gillian-giggles-outtakes!
  • How dull has Skinner's life been for 13 years since Mulder and Scully left?
  • Baby William is a thing! He's gonna matter!
  • "The government's secreting of information concerning extraterrestrials MIGHT come into play" -- CHRIS CARTER YOU UTTER TROLL
  • "The series isn't going to be good if it's just a victory lap; it has to be original and fresh"
  • "A lot of killing, and the ripping apart of people"
  • "It was two lines in a script, and it ended up taking us nine hours to shoot it."
  • Reyes!
  • "As your friend and as a physician, you are on dangerous ground here"--not quite "let me through, I'm a medical doctor", but close!
  • "Mulder, the internet is not good for you."
  • "We've never been in more danger" "Then do something about it"
  • Look at this whole new set of young agents (including a readhead and a tall guy with expressive eyebrows...)

What did you see? What do you think? Are you as blinded by feels as I am? Share in the comments or come talk to me on Twitter!

Professional Fangirl will, of course, be talking about this show. Don't you worry!
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