Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Okay, here's the problem with Fox, in ten easy points

  1. It insists on buying high-concept, deep-genre shows
  2. It allows those shows to be made well at the beginning
  3. It launches them with not a heck of a lot of promo
  4. It has developed a hairtrigger "whelp, I guess it's canceled" response to anything at all that's not the biggest numbers ever
  5. It refuses to let genre shows build an audience
  6. It keeps making the same show over and over again, technically*, and then cancelling
  7. It doesn't care if people like the show, it's running some sort of biggest-numbers experiment so fuck all of us
  8. It fails to see that constantly offering and taking away is giving it a reputation for unreliability
  9. It fairls to see that more and more people simply won't bother watching next time for fear of loving it and losing it again from the same channel that already cancelled so many
  10. It doesn't listen to the right voices along the way, and keeps making more and more of the same mistakes
*For the last few seasons anyway. Sleepy Hollow was a runaway hit with a crazy british guy, a pretty black cop, and a weird supernatural story. Minority Report was a crazy psychic guy, a pretty black cop, and a weird scifi story. Second Chance is a crazy reborn guy who is a cop, with a pretty Indian scientist, and a weird scifi story. Lucifer is a crazy british supernatural guy, a pretty white cop, and a weird supernatural story. It's like a random story generator, just rearranging things to see what works, but they all work and they're not giving them a chance. It could have been a channel full of shows all in this same niche, but it keeps bumping them instead.

I'm getting more and more salty. I'm sick of it.
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