Monday, May 23, 2016

12 quick reasons to watch #12Monkeys

  1. It's scifi based on HOPE, and when was the last time that happened?
  2. Moral ambiguity is the name of the game, and it's addictive, not offputting.
  3. Every episode crams five episodes of some lesser show's worth of story into it.
  4. The fans are international, thoughtful, passionate, and dedicated. The creators are open, accessible, and informative. Also often really funny!
  5. It's PACKED with awesome, awesome ideas that no other show has given us.
  6. It's deeply serious, but not bleak or dire--there's funny parts, bizarre parts, and good old gee-whiz awesome parts. It's Big Weird Ideas that blow your mind grounded in 100% human emotional reality.
  7. Remember when Lost and Fringe were all about figuring out the patterns and guessing the answers? It's like that, but it actually gives answers as often as it poses questions!
  8. The love story is literally epic. It transcends time. It also is more than just romantic love--and it involves just about any combination of people you can think of, somehow. 
  9. The whole thing is smart--the characters and their development, the writing, the plotting, how they use time travel and time-travel-story-tropes, the way they assume the audience can keep up.
  10. Women who do things and men who aren't afraid of of them or made powerless!
  11. Hard scifi with a deep emotional core--something a lot of scifi shows miss out on.
  12. Conspiracies! Everywhere! Who doesn't love a conspiracy?

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