Sunday, May 1, 2016

Letter from the Editor - May 2016

Whoo, Fangirls! It's almost summer here in the Southern US and starting to actually behave like spring in some of the more northerly places we all come from! Personally, I hate the heat, but I LOVE summer movie season--it's what always kept having a Memorial Day-adjacent birthday from being horrible, and it means I always get a blockbuster to go to every year! This year, it's X-Men: Apocalypse, third and last of this particular trilogy, though I hope they're not done all together. I like the X-Men movies (XM were always my favs since I was a 12 year old scrounging change to go buy comics), and with Deadpool and another attempt at Fantastic Four coming to that world, it'd be cool to see what the new-timeline team is doing now, you know? Other than Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead hanging out in an empty mansion...

We here at PFg are continuing to make everything more awesome for our readers, and there's lots to talk about this month! If you have anything you want us to talk about, or if you're a lady (or identify as one) and would like to offer a guest post, contact us and we'll see what we can do!

Here's what's happening in geekery this month:
  • Spring shows are all wrapping up! There'll be at least a few season-ender discussions on them!
  • Returning shows: Penny Dreadful (tonight / 1st), Person of Interest (last season, 3rd)
  • New Shows: Houdini & Doyle (2nd), Preacher (22nd)
  • Events: 
    • 3rd - Paranormal Day
    • 4th - Star Wars Day / May the Fourth Be With You and then Revenge of the Sixth!
    • Captain America 3 (6th in the US)
    • Free Comic Book Day (7th)
    • Limerick Day on the (12th)
    • George Lucas Day (14th)
    • Drawing Day (16th)
    • Pizza Party Day (20th)
    • Alan Turing Day (23rd)
    • Geek Pride Day / Towel Day (25th)
    • National Paper Airplane Day (26th)
    • X-Men: Apocalypse (27th)
    • My birthday (28th)*
What're you guys up to this month?

April's most popular post happened yesterday and comes from Kaelyn!
A Beginner's Guide to Tabletop Games

*My birthday is totally an event because I'm the fearless leader, yall.
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