Monday, February 1, 2016

Letter from the Editor #2 - February 2016

Hello my lovely nerdistas!

Last month, we started seeing the lovely Lauren's video game posts, and her intro post is currently our top ranked post! Yay Lauren! This month, we'll start seeing a few more Fangirls popping in and sharing their geekery, too!

We're also almost done with the winter hiatus! By the end of this month, Just about all our favorite shows will be back on the air, so there should be lots of stuff to talk about! We'll be wrapping up on the XFiles's return to TV and the premier season of The Expanse, and we're just getting started on Lucifer. Will Sleepy Hollow pull it together and give us an awesome season 3B? Can Blindspot keep up the pace? Will Second Chance be the next Fox-induced piece of bitter grit I have to polish into a pearl so I can sleep at night?

Will Pride and Prejudice and Zombies be ridiculous-cool or ridiculous-awful? And man, I'm sure Deadpool will gives us PILES of stuff to talk about!

We're in a golden age of geekiness right now, and the list of things up for discussion is only going to get longer and cooler as the year goes on, so stay tuned!

What would you guys, our readers, like to see us talk about, do, or feature here? What are you looking forward to or concerned about this month, this season, or this year? Let us know in the comments, or come talk to us on Twitter!

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