Friday, February 21, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy is already yanking on my fandom-center

I literally know nothing about this comic except that there are a lot of mismatched aliens and one of them is a raccoon. And I only know that because of various casting calls on the webs. But now here comes the first real trailer, and suddenly I really want to see it and I really want it to be awesome.

If this even approaches how much space Avengers takes up in my mind (and it might, since one of the baddies is Lee Pace who I already adore), we're in for a lot of posts about it after I see it.

Also, because of this two and a half minutes of footage, I have a burning need for a Starjammers movie, and the whole Corsair-is-Cyclops's-dad-and-Marvel-isn't-making-the-XMen-movies be damned!
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