Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Twelve Papers I Haven't Written About Sleepy Hollow

  1. Time Traveling Revolutionary : How Ichabod Crane Is and Isn't the Embodiment of the Revolutionary Spirit
  2. She is Shady, She is Queen : The Fandom Response to Katrina Crane
  3. Everybody Loves Abbie : Detective Abbie Mills and the Delicate Social Work of Being A Strong Female Character
  4. Let's Be Frank : Possible Career and Story Trajectories for Captain Frank Irving
  5. An Argument In Favor of A True Platonic Inter-Gender Partnership
  6. An Argument In Favor of A New Portrayal of the Path to True Love
  7. Occult History : How the Insertion of Hessians, Freemasons, and Magical Artifacts Alters the Context And Therefore The Meaning of the Revolutionary War, and Therefore Changes The Whole Meaning of Our Country's Independence
  8. The Ever-Expanding Cast, or, How It's All Ichabod's Fault
  9. Off The Walls Bonkers : Sleepy Hollow as a Demonstration of a New Take on Pacing and Drama for the Paranormal Investigation Subset of Television
  10. Mills Sisters, Hunters : Sleepy Hollow as a Feminine Response to A Decade of Two Brothers And An Angel, But No Girls Allowed
  11. Ten Things We Can Guess About Abbie Mills : A Characters Study
  12. This Is Outrageous! : Ichabod Crane as a Mirror for Modern Social-Norm Idiocy
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