Monday, June 30, 2014

Doctor Who News!

This is literally almost nothing, but it's Doctor Who, so it's inducing heart attacks and hyperventilation all over the place! Is he a good man? Does Clara even know? Do we???

And there's more!
  • The premier will be "feature length"!
  • It comes back on Saturday, August 23 at 8pm on BBC1--and it seems to be the same date for the US, too! Yay no delay!
  • There's a new character who looks like she's Victorian (though, really, who even knows since everyone sort of looks Victorian lately) called The Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere, among other guest stars
  • There's still apparently no lady writers!
  • The Paternoster Gang will come back!
Personally, I'm still scrabbling for the show. I miss it like a missing limb. A limb that just turned into someone else's limb, and might not be a nice limb anymore. Which I hope is just worry-mongering, because Eleven was dark enough, and there was that lovely lightening of the mood in the 50th, and I really want a Doctor that's not like slamming face first into misery, don't you? 

Here's my hopes:
  • He's cranky, but not dark
  • Clara really gets to shine, the way Sarah Jane was great with Three, but shone with Four
  • The new characters are ongoing--not just one-and-done, and that there's LOTS of companions--I always want there to be lots of Companions, like the Doctor is leading a school field trip
  • The core story is Finding Gallifrey, not some other thing that isn't Finding Gallifrey, unless that other thing is super cool and then leads to the right one
  • Twelve^ solves things differently--like, instead of going on the warpath, be comes at it sideways and negates the need for confrontation at all, or something
  • Clara stays in the Tardis instead of always going home in between
  • The return of more Classic Villains!
What do you want to see?
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