Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good geek from others - Captain America ruined Superman for me | Cinesnark

Captain America ruined Superman for me | Cinesnark:

"Snyder & Co. confused compromising the world around Superman with compromising Superman himself. It’s not killing Zod that does it—that moment actually feels justified—it’s just the complete disregard for loss of human life occurring throughout the third act. Yes, it is realistic that if two hyper-powerful beings flying through the air engaged in a knock-down, drag-out fight, they would topple buildings and people would die. But it isn’t realistic that Superman would so damningly forget himself and endanger more people than necessary by not simply luring Zod to a remote location for their showdown. Lois and the Army guys are working on shutting down the machine destroying the city center. There’s no reason for Superman to be there, except that the filmmakers really wanted to show city-wide destruction with no thought to what that means for the characters."

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