Thursday, June 26, 2014

Twelve Papers I Haven't Written About Loki

  1. Loki Stole My Feels: The Overwhelmingly Sympathetic Fan Response To Loki
  2. He Killed 80 People In Two Days: Loki as a mass murderer
  3. Loki For Love In All The Wrong Places: Loki as the damaged child of a questionable father
  4. Winter (God) Of Our Discontent: Loki, Thor, Odin and Lauffey as Shakespearean tragedy
  5. The Sassy Loki Show, featuring Thor: How the trickster almost got his own movie
  6. A Portal Found By Ramming Yourself Into A Wall: Secret suicidal tendencies in the immortal being
  7. Tom Hiddleston Is Why We Love That Bag Of Crazy: A dissertation
  8. Both Of You Were Born To Be King (but only one of you gets to): Power dynamics in royal Asgardian home-politics
  9. It's Too Late: Loki as the pawn who fought back
  10. Unanswered Questions: Seven things we still don't know about Loki, his plan, and his activities while off-screen
  11. It's In His Nature: Why we want to see Loki redeemed, and why it probably won't work
  12. So What's Up With The Incest: Loki, Thor, and the tendency to read them as shippy

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