Tuesday, March 17, 2015

After tonight's episode, my ideal Agents of SHIELD roster

This week's episode was bonkers, especially in those last few minutes with that Big Reveal! I'm thinking, basically, that Shield 1 / Coulson and co will be on one side of Civil War with probably Cap, and Shield 2 will be on the other with probably Tony (and Maria, if she's still working for him). But if there's any fairness in the MCU, eventually they'll have to unite--and probably form Sword, once all those space baddies come back. So, assuming everyone lives, here's the team I want.

Coulson, of course
Fitz and Simmons, reunited and more unstoppable than ever
Widow and Hawkeye
A miraculously revived Tripp
Agent 33
The brain of Howard Stark in a robot body
A Banshee analogue
Pepper (because Tony pissed her off)
Maria (because Tony pissed her off)
Jane Foster, Darcy and Selvig
Betty from the Hulk movies

And a deep-in-the-Inhumans connection with Skye, who I think is gonna turn out to be royalty, but still thinks of herself as Shield.

Subject to change as I see how cool all these new guys are vs how shitty I fear they might be.

Who would you build the new team around?
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