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@pirategirljack LiveTweet roundup for Week 12 2015

In my ever-ongoing (yes, I know that's redundant) search to make this easier, here's this week's attempt--instead of doing this by episode, which takes forever and makes a million similar posts, lets try doing it by week, and getting it all in one place!

I wish there was a way I could make all this post automatically without it being as, like, individual tweets or some shit. I might have to start learning code so I can invent my own webapp or something. If anyone knows of a thing that will take my own tweets and hashtags and post one post with just those collected tweets from just that one day, let me know what it is!


Gotham - Rerun this week, so we didn't watch it

Castle - 7x17 "Hong Kong Hustle"

Lets talk about: How I had a really hard time paying attention to this episode and how, I made, like, three tweets that aren't even showing up on this feed? I don't know if the episode was just not catching me or if it was how gross I've been feeling, but with almost all my monday shows in reruns, I just couldn't even. Poor Castle. I apologize, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic!

NCIS:LA - Rerun

Scorpion - Rerun because it's apparently making itself in realtime or something and we can't have weekly episodes


The Flash - 1x16 "Out of Time"

Let's talk about: How Barry now knows how to RUN BACK THROUGH TIME. Like, this next ep is probably going to be where he fixes, like, one thing and it dominoes across the rest of the plot and makes it better--or worse, depending if it's leading directly to the finale or not, but we're still a ways off from that. What I really want, though, is just a whole episode where Barry, as @geejayeff said on Tumblr, "plays whack-a-mole with everything that came up this episode". Seriously, like a time-loop ep, but he's powering the loop. He saves the cops but Cisco still dies because he doesn't know about Welles. He saves them both, but the wave hits the city and washes Iris away. He saves all three, but no one stops whatver next thing.

Let's also talk about Iris: She knows! I really really hate that outdated idea that otherwise useful and competent people cant connect these singular two points even when they're following leads all over the rest of the plot that should make it obvious. I hated that it took three years to tell Thea on Arrow, and I love that Iris got it now--AND THEN TIME LOOP. Dammnit. But! Barry knows that she actually does love him back, so maybe now he can do something about it and be a responsible otherwise-committed boyfriend and break it off like an adult with whats-her-other-face.

iZombie - 1x1 "Pilot"

Let's talk about: Everything ever about this show! That classic Rob Thomas sassy-sarcasm mix, the voice overs, the crime solving by being psychic that's made cooler by it actually being a Warm-Bodies-esque memory-flashback! Babineaux, who is so sassy and sharp and cute! Ravi, who is probably the best friend an undercover zombie could ever have! The way she picks up random quirks and skills from the brains as well as memories! Everything in this pilot was practically designed to win me over, and it totally did.

Agents of Shield - 2x13 "One Of Us"

Let's talk about: SHIELD 2 what??? From the teeny tiny bit we saw, I thinking a) Hydra remains set up as another Shield, b) All those millions who don't know Coulson is still alive set up their own revival, not knowing that he's there or that Fury handed him the keys, or c) there was always two shields, and only one fell because they're secret from each other. Personally, I think I'd be happiest with that last one, because I've been getting the feeling that the world of Agents of SHIELD is just too small--which led me to the idea that Fury said he was giving the whole thing over, but maybe he was just keeping Coulson busy, or he was setting him and his team up for some other purpose than actually rebuilding shield. Also? Two Shields totally means an army of secret agents for both sides of Civil War, and I don't know why I didn't think of that sooner! Good job, story-dudes at the MCU!

Let's also talk about: How great it is that Fitz and Simmons sort of came together again because of gossip, how that gossip was about May and her hunky ex husband, and how May is totally Skye's mom, regardless of genetics. And how Coulson is totally her dad and uses his tender-disbelief voice for her more than for anyone else. And how Mac is cracking up. And how Skye's actual dad is not the top dude in this storyline anymore--that Nightcrawler-powered mofo is!

There is so much stuff going on in this show. I can't wait to see how it pans out--because this season will be wrapping up right around when Ultron comes out, and it's had a whole season to work on its tie-ins, rather than an awkwardly-constructed thing like with Thor2.

Forever - Rerun and a sadface


Arrow - 3x16 "The Offer"

Let's talk about: How Ollie is FINALLY getting that he's been acting like an idiot all season and how upset everyone is about it and how bad it makes him feel??? Like, you all know I'm a shipper-supreme. You all know I want Oliver and Felicity to be Olicity for all time. But right now? Right now she's trying to do right by herself and he's seeing how that hurts and she's making sure he's very clear that it's because of HIM AND HIS DUMB CHOICES, and I'm LOVING IT. I'm so loving it. I want him to really, really feel it, because I'm so sick of this current emotional tone where he just goes around pissing everyone off and pushing them away and they just have to take it. Consequences! Yay!

Let's also talk about: How happy I am that he's decided NOT to take up Ra's on that offer, and how it's given him the purpose he should have had and lost since the beginning of the season. I'm not pleased that Ra's is all "nope, daughter, you don't get it" and I hope that means she goes after him herself--especially since he's now decided to defame Ollie and she's sort of moving onto Ollie's side. That whole plot development, I'm like "why?" I've been like that since a major Batman villain showed up instead of one of Ollie's own, and made everyone make really stupid circular choices about everything for EPISODES, but now it's shifted from a feeling of "why this dude?' to "is he, like, annoyed that Ollie has friends and he doesn't?"

But! They FINALLY admitted that the Lazarus Pit is a thing, and maybe that's how they get Sara back for that spinoff they're building, and if Nyssa goes off the deep end with revenge, maybe that's how we can get Talia?


Elementary - Rerun, and I'm getting sick of it

Backstrom - Rerunnnnnsssssss

And because they're all reruns...

Lets talk about: All the Bucky Feels! It's a very exciting movie, but it's also a really sad movie--Steve sees his Peggy failing, then Bucky comes back and doesn't know him, and the cute girl nextdoor isn't what she seems, and then Shield wasn't what it seems. It's a lot of change and sadness and conflict and crumbling reality.


12 Monkeys - 1x10 "Divine Move"

Let's talk about: EVERYONE BEING AT ODDS and how much that hurts me (which is actually proof of how invested I am / how good the drama is). Cole and Cassie together again--but only for a minute, really, and not long enough for them to get their groove back after they each witnessed the others' death. Cole went straight from Cassie dying in his arms to Cassie alive before him, but when he got there, it had been long enough since she sent him to his death that she'd resumed that interrupted relationship with Aaron, so he was there, pointing out how much she died because of him and missing that she also lived entirely because of him. As for Cassie, she mourned him for a week before she even sent him off to die, and then for more weeks before going to verify that he did, and you could tell she missed him, but missing him also meant that they did right, so having him back, that joy comes with the weight of knowing that the worst thing that ever happened to her is still going on--so that must be rough and conflict-making. She's acting happy with Aaron, planning a future they didn't think they'd have, but in the same episode, she's drinking heavily again like she did when Cole was missing for two years in the pilot; this is a bad few weeks for Cassie. And she knows he's dying and seems to be taking it personally. As she probably should. What with him saying a few episodes ago that he'd tell her anything, but not telling her that.

Ack, my heart.

Meanwhile, Ramse is totally off the Rez, and he desperately wants to save his kid, but desperation only gets him a whole lot of crazy, and he winds up being the Evil Leaper--because, I mean, he's entirely untested, he's only had one dose of that serum and no preparation, and timetravel tears you apart from the inside out when he was already close to nuts, so...basically he's probably totally off his rocker now.

And then there's Aaron, probably making deals with who is probably the devil--unless the 12 Monkeys or the Druzhe (or however) turn out to not actually be the villains in this story, which they could since everyone knows next to nothing about what everyone else is doing...And there's Cassie still having red-forest-flashbacks framed so that it looks like Cole hadn't told her about how he has to find said red forest, and so she looks like she thinks she's going off her nut.

I just really want everyone to get back on one page and to unify against the baddies, but there are no clear baddies, and we're very close to a final battle, and I just feel like everything is going to get worse. My solace is that we definitely have a second season (whoo!), and maybe the first or second episode out of the gate will have a pause for emotional healing--for those characters, but also for us!

Right now, everyone is fighting to save one person--Cole is saving Cassie, Aaron is saving Cassie, Ramse is saving his kid, Jones is saving hers--and Future!Jennifer says there are no straight lines. I think they need to be willing to sacrifice their one thing to make other things work, which is why Cassie, who wants to save the world even if she dies again, is the one who seems to be the key. I'm hoping it doesn't mean that she HAS to die to make things work, since her getting killed made it all worse, but that her insistence that they have to let her risk that is what opens up new options. Because really, I think they're all going to have to work together to jump the groove and break out of the predestination paradox. Like, they need to stop doing that whole "I can't tell you because you haven't gotten there yet" thing, because KNOWING about those things would let them avoid previous-future failures in their plans! If Cassie had said something more before sending Cole to Chechnya, how differently could it have gone? If Older!Cassie had told Cole about what happened in those two years, what could he be saving time and lives on now?


SNL - Rerunnnnnn


The Walking Dead - 5x15 "Try"

Let's talk about: How everything is going to hell in a slow and quiet way instead of all at once this time? Like, Alexandria could be a great place, but we still know very little about the people there other than that they have no idea what they're doing, and even less about their actual history as a community. So far, they're so messed up: the kids patrolling the wall who play games with Walkers and get each other killed. The boss lady who says it's okay that one of the very few people that exist in that community is an abusive drunk because he also happens to be their only doctor. The still-creepy normalness of Alexandria when they're all severely traumatized, and there are more and more Walkers coming up on them every day, and all those severed limbs and carved-headed torsos all over, that no one seems particularly alarmed about. Who tied up that lady? Who's messing with the Walkers?

And then, of course, we have Rick who seems about to go right off the rails. I loved that Michonne was just like "STFU, Rick" and clocked him across the back of the head before he did something that started a war or got them all thrown out in the wilds again. She's the only one who seems to really be handling this the right way--Alexandria could be safe, if they make it safe and keep it safe and aren't the danger themselves.

And Carl! He has a crush on Enid, who has been out in the world like he has and sees, too, at least a little, how pampered these people are. And who the internet seems to think is a spy for a rival faction. We'll see next week, I guess!

The Talking Dead - 4x15

Let's talk about: How much I love when Yvette Nicole Brown is on with her notes and her very astute observations! Good points she made this time:

  • Rick seems to be trying to rebuild a family that he lost, and seems to be unaware that that's what he's doing
  • Gabriel is "not made for this world" and is not at all acting like a man of faith, and it's gonna get him dead
  • Carol is playing it close to the chest (which seems to pay off next week), while Rick is just waving all his cards all over the place--and has too many of them for it to be a clean draw
This show is the best thing to happen to The Walking Dead--it literally lets us talk through the trauma and outrage and brief moments of happiness, and to get through the plot tangles and try to understand what is sometimes a brutal and confusing show, and it's amazing.

So there are entirely too many reruns in March, which is annoying, since I feel like we only just got our TV back. Note to networks, esp our local: NOT EVERYONE LIKES SPORTS! Like, schedule it better, networks! But I think some of my shows are coming back on next week, so maybe it won't have so many gaps in next post!
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