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Con Report - Wizard World Comic Con Raleigh / NCCC 2015 (Saturday only because we're poor)

I need to grow bangs again, because all these selfies taken with my short arms make my forehead look HUGE.

But I digress.

I heard about this one maybe two weeks ago when my bestie sent me the link saying my very own Number One Future Husband David Tennant would be there--and it was in my city where almost no one ever goes--and it was two weeks away. I didn't think I'd get to go, but it miraculously lined up with my brother's payday and he bought us both tickets. And yesterday we went!
I was going to wear Doctor Who nails, but I waited too long (since I was babysitting) to mix up a bottle, so what I did instead was a different time-traveler:

Look how sparlkly that baby is! Whoo! Cole acts like he's tough, but in nailpolish form, he has a heart of holographic gold!

I brought a box of polishes that I totally forgot to get people to look at, but I think that's going to be my MO--I'll just always have polishes on me so if anyone is like "Ooh, I like your nailpolish!" I can be "hey, I made it myself, wanna see some?". Because, I mean, Cons are my target audience, so...

COOONNNNNN! As you can see, Doctors and Peggy Carters and Tardis Hats and piles of people. This is the first Wizard World Con in Raleigh, and I think we did pretty well proving that it's a good place to have them! I hope it comes back next year, because traveling makes it too hard for me and too expensive, and, of course, the whole world revolves around me.

But I digress.

It was busy, but I never felt crushed or overwhelmed--the perfect number of people to prove that it's a hit, but not so many that we start thinking maybe we need more of a bigger space. This pic (above) was taken while we were in line for the CW booth, which had this cute little spinner thing for promo, and I got...

A brain! It's one of those stress-ball things, and it's so cute. Also, that show is amazing. I don't have any pics of it, but we went to the Pilot showing, and I loved it. We watched it last night, too, and I also loved it on TV with the finished titles sequence. It's like Veronica Mars, if VM was less looking for her best friend Lily's killer and sleeping with Logan, and more a zombie with an existential crisis and adorable co-workers.*

This guy! Sean Anderson! His was the first artist's booth I saw, right past the CW booth, and I immediately fell in love with this (below) picture of Doctor Strange. LOOK AT THE PRETTY! I almost bought Psylock, but she had sort of a crotch-shot thing going on, and I almost got Nightcrawler, but he didn't seem like the main focus of his own picture, and I almost got Storm, but hers, though gorgeous, wasn't as colorful. But you know what? I'm totes gonna figure out how to get more of this guy's art.

Bro in line (in the red shirt) for various autographs and pictures. I really wanted to meet David Tennant, but his stuff was SO EXPENSIVE and I am SO POOR. But! On the way to the iZombie thing, I was headed over to the up-stairs--the only one headed up--and there's like this wave of sound, so I look around and I see DAVID TENNANT STANDING THREE FEET FROM ME!!!!

Well, not standing so much as being whisked away into the backstage stuff by like six bodyguards and handlers, but he was so close I had to get out of the way for them to get by. I don't know if he saw me, but I saw him, and he was so close! And so tall and pretty and bearded and grinning like a loon!


Best almost-thing ever.

Bro got tickets to meet Sean Astin and Soniqua Martin-Green, and I waited in line with him for a little while. I saw:

Did you know that Selina Kyle's dad is Venkman from the Ghostbusters? True Story.

Professor X! Or maybe an alternate-universe Cecil. Or maybe Actual Cecil, since I didn't hear him speak. I don't know. But if this guy is actually in a wheelchair, good job on a perfect costume!

As I said on Instagram, "I guess this is more of a vampire crowd than a werewolf one." Personally, I've only seen, like, two eps of either show, and I could only see Tyler Hoechlin because of the crowd around Ian Somerhalder, but lemme tell you, that Tyler? Way better looking when he's just a dude talking to fans. He could kill you with his smile. And he looks like he really, honestly wants to hear whatever they're saying.

That's how you Fame.

That shadow is Sean Astin! For realsies! He was, like, a foot away from where I was standing. The guy behind me kept peeking through the curtain but I was like, that curtain was there for a reason, and what if EVERYONE SAW ME??? So I took this moody pic instead.

Also, he totally walked right in front of us on the way to his table, and my Bro's brain fritzed out and we followed him across the whole of Artist's Alley before we lined up at his booth.

NBD, just Hermione hanging out with Marceline. Like ya do.

Rick and Daryl! These guys were good! They were posing all poster-like with people, and whoever they posed with held up whatever they were holding like it was a weapon, too. I saw a guy brandish an umbrella, and I think someone was using a backpack as a shield.

After iZombie, we stayed for Astin's panel. He started out by reading Terry Pratchett, since they were friends, and then he talked about various projects, and was awesome. Then when he got to the questions from the audience, about half the people lined up were kids or teens, and he was just as thorough and honest and thoughtful with "What's your favorite Disney character" as he was with "Which of your roles was the one that you just absolutely knew you had to have, that no one else could do better than you?"

Again, that's how you Fame.

Some shots of the center and the people.

It was Pi Day, the day we were there, so we brought mini-pies. I mean, geeky as that holiday is, there really should have been a booth set up that only sold Pie, but whatevs. We were prepared! We also got this huge tankard of home made rootbeer that was amazing. You buy the cup and then you get free refills for the rest of the day, and you can bring the cup back at any other time when they're set up, at any con or Rennfaire, and for five bucks you get free refills all day again! And it was AMAZING rootbeer. Thick and creamy and rich and sweet and all real sugar. So good. The black cherry soda tasted the way Marachino cherry juice smells, and nothing like cough syrup!

James Marsters! Of Buffy and Torchwood and a million less-good things! This pic was taken from, like, half a mile away, so it's blurry, but he still looks good and he's another one who really looks like he wants to hear what you're saying if you're there.

We went back to Artist's Alley after the panels. Bro bought all sorts of stuff--a signed print from one of the main artists on He-Man, a beautiful print of Doomsday, a few other prints I can't remember right now, some collectibles. I bought these three pictures above. There were so many more I COULD have gotten, too, and if I see these guys again, I'm so getting more. Like, srsly. I need a million posters.

Other art we saw that I couldn't afford and didn't take pictures of:
  • Three separate girls making GORGEOUS watercolors of, like, swirling princesses or beautiful monsters or amazing dragons
  • These really cool long narrow gold-leaf accented paintings of princesses and goddesses and mermaids
  • A whole table of travel and propaganda posters for nerdy things like Starfleet and various alien planets
  • Several tables of local Etsy shops with awesome necklaces and little purses and earrings and stuff (and no nail polish, whoo!)
I need to take at least a hundred dollars in spending money next time. 40 got me 4 posters that I love, and lots and lots of decision making that broke my heart!


Four and a Tin Dog! And he actually moved and stuff, it was great. Makes me want my very own K9 all over again.

A Jedi and a Sith out together!

We closed out the night going to see the local premier of WolfCop, which I don't have a picture of, either, because my phone AND my ipod died. But it was funny and dark and ridiculous and bloody and gratuitous and remarkably charming and affecting. I really, really liked it!

We were only there one day and it was this awesome; next year, if it comes back, we'll be there for the full weekend, with more money and maybe with more people (mom wants to go, and dad was sad he couldn't go meet Elvira. We got him a signed autograph, and got mom a teeshirt for Quantum Leap, since they didn't have Magnum, and Scott Bakula is her Number Two Favorite Dude.) And maybe next year I'll go in costume! I think, being short and round, Amethyst from Steven Universe is an ideal character to play. I just need purple clothes and a floofy purple wig and a big crystal to stick to my chest.

Bro is going to Wizard World Chicago this fall, but that's a dudely reunion thing, so I won't be there. Also, I can't afford that. But he said he'd get me autographs, and Nathan Fillion is going to be there, so I'm going to see if I can afford that. I want to go to more Cons! I need to see when the local and semi-local ones are, and where the people I like are going to be, and see if I can get another one in this year, somehow.

And one day, I'll have a table of my own at one!

*I'm trying to decide, already, who I ship her with. The ME who wants to cure her? The sassy cop who wants to develop a bit? Her ex, who is adorable but also totally normal? ALL OF THE ABOVE?
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