Thursday, September 10, 2015

Are you guys getting excited for The Return Of The Shows?

This week, we have:

And then next week we have:

AND THEN! The week after that, we have:

AND THIS ISN'T EVEN ALL OF IT! More stuff comes after that! And through October! You guys! This is clearly some sort of golden age for geeks, I mean, look.

What're you looking forward to? What're you going to watch live, and what're you recording? What're you hoping will be really flipping awesome from the new shows? Let's talk about the new tv shows and our favorite returns in the comments or on Twitter!

When we get there, I'll make a list of all the October shows I'm going to try to find time for / space for / find a way to watch that counts for ratings even though I can't cram ANOTHER SHOW into Monday nights!
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