Saturday, September 19, 2015

Geeky TV commentary - Doctor Who 9.1

Doctor Who airs on BBCAm at 9pm on Saturdays.

Yay, Doctor Who is back! You can practically hear it from across the world, the internet of geeks all talking at once! It's been flipping ages since this show was on the air, and we're greeted with an episode that isn't finished because it's a two parter, so it's going to be a little hard to talk about definitively; if it wasn't the first ep back, I might have let it go until the story was finished. But it is, so here we are!

So! Here's what happened, and if you didn't see it, why are you reading this yet? Come back when you have!

The Doctor's missing. A slimy dude on casters is going all over the place trying to find him, including the the Shadow Proclamation (yay!). Turns out the dude is being employed by Davros, who is dying and has a message for the Doctor.

See, the Doctor messed with his timeline (which still hasn't shaken out yet whether that'll change everything, but we're thinking not), and he remembers, and he has some things to say.

Missy shows up with almost no explanation about how she's there at all--sort of an offhanded mention of other people?--and stops all the planes in the air to get the Doctor's or Clara's attention, which does get Clara's. Clara leaves her class in the middle of a lesson about Jane Austin to go check it out, and Missy tells her that she's got the Doctor's will. If it's there, it has to be delivered to his closest friend (unclear whether that's Missy of Clara), and it won't say what's in it until he's dead. Which, of course, Clara is not having.

Blah blah blah "fast and ugly time travel" by way of a bracelet I really hope Missy got from Captain Jack, and they find the Doctor in Medieval times with a tank and a guitar making an entrance as part of a long party he's been throwing himself. A pity party, because he knows that messing with Kid Davros is gonna get him in trouble one way or another. He even hugs Clara, which is terrifying because he's not a hugger.

Slimy-henchman turns out to be a stack of snakes pretending to be a man, which was actually kind of cool but has no reason behind it so far, and the Doctor agrees to go with him and face Davros, but of course Clara and Missy aren't letting him go alone. They travel through space in a neat shuttle I could live in, to a station that Missy immediately notices has some gravity weirdness that leads her, once they're alone, to just walk out the door.

Dun dun DUN--it's not a station, it's a single building and the rest of the planet has been hidden because DUN DUN DUN--it's Skaro! The Doctor sees it happening at the same time that Missy and Clara are being really adorable spinning in circles as the world reappears* and flips out because how could they bring him to Skaro? Wasn't it bad enough that he was talking to Davros?

Right when it because obvious that there was a "to be continued" coming up, every Dalek from the BBC warehouse shows up with the Tardis, and while the Doctor watches, Missy stops them from destroying the Tardis by offering herself as a guide to destroying the universe by way of the Tardis, and they exterminate her. The Doctor begs for Clara's life, and they kill her, too. Then they kill the Tardis. Then they kill every fangirl watching because WTF guys.

The last scene is the Doctor back with Kid Davros, trying to exterminate him, and THAT is where they leave us until next week!

It was probably an amazing episode, but it's hard to tell before the end has aired and the plot has shaken out, but it was definitely alarming and exciting and they crammed so much stuff into the hour. Including, in addition to all the stuff above:

  • UNIT--who has a dedicated Doctor channel on the comms that he never uses, but Missy knows about.
  • Brigg Daughter! And a new scientist with awesome hair so that basically that whole scene had one guy in it and he had almost no lines.
  • Clara knows her way around UNIT and they listen to her when she Doctor-ly orders them around, and now she's earned a new entry on the list of Doctor Who Spinoffs That Probably Won't Ever Happen.
  • "Since he was a little girl!"
  • A strong whif of timey-wimey, because how else can this happen?
  • At least one hint that there's already more going on than anyone in the show is realizing yet.
  • Another Doctor-Clara heart-melting moment, since he knows immediately when she's in the crowd because he always sees her and he didn't realize there were other people there as soon as she showed up.**
It's so great to have the Doctor back on our screens, and there's so much story here that's barely started, and it's already shaping up to be an exciting and complicated season! What's still to be determined is whether it'll be so complicated that it ticks everyone off, or whether it'll actually make sense in the end? Right now, that's impossible to judge. But what's not impossible to judge is how exciting it is to have more new episodes ahead of us once again!

*and seems to be that same beach outside where the Byzantium crashed and maybe where Bad Wolf Bay is.
**It's very hard not to ship them when he keeps doing that.
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