Monday, September 21, 2015

Tonight's premiers (that I care about)!

These three above are ones I'll likely get to catch because they're ones everyone in the house agrees on wanting to watch, so look for the update on those later tonight / at some point overnight. And across ALL MY FEEDS! Whoo!

I'm a season into Gotham and I'm not sure if I'm excited for it, but the ads make Barbara look way more interesting deranged than she ever was weepy and being a pushover, so there's that. And I do miss Penguin and Nygma and fierce little Babybats.

I'm really interested in how Blindspot it going to be, and slightly more optimistic that NBC can be good to it than I am that Fox will be good to Minority Report--which looks good, but if it is, it'll just be that much harder for Fox to not destroy it. If they want my faith, they've got to leave their good-idea shows alone and let them be for a while!

These two shows are ones I'll most likely have to do as catching up posts later, because everyone wants to put their shows on at the same time and that's not cool, man. But I'm used to that with Scorpion--I think I saw maybe three episodes live last season! I'm super-excited for that first episode that they're totally selling to me as a fluffy pile of feels.

I think I need a new header for NCIS:LA though, because while I like Sam and Callen, I watch the show for Kensi and Deeks and the Nerds and Hetty, and none of them are even in this one!

What're you guys looking forward to Monday nights?
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