Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekly Geeky Link Party #1!

So I was looking for Link Parties where I could share my geeky stuff, and where I could find other great geeky blogs to look at, and I couldn't find any! There are some awesome link parties around, but they seem to mostly be fore mom-blog stuff--recipes, DIY, home school, and a subset of writing and classroom ones.

But link parties are such a great idea, and so that all the geeky posts don't get lost in the shuffle of awesome but non-geeky stuff, I decided to start a specifically geek-themed link party myself, here on my blog! I'll put it up each Monday, and it'll stay open all week so you wonderful readers can link up whenever your posts go live.

At the end of the week, I'll choose a few posts to feature in the next week.

For the purposes of this link party, geeky counts as almost anything that geeks love:

  • Genre books, television, and movies--reviews of them, discussions, art, fan works, commentary, news posts, whatever.
  • Video games from all ages and of all sorts.
  • Comics! Any and all comics, really.
  • Geeky genre events--cons, concerts, classes, online stuff, anything.
  • Geeky fashion--profiles, lists, how-tos, discussions, whatever.
  • Music! There's not a whole lot of genre music coverage that I've seen, so if you're talking about it, lets see it!
  • Cultural discussions!
The rules:
  • Pick your best post or three, and link it up
  • Comment on some of the other ones--don't be a dick
  • Keep it clean--no porn, no attacks, nothing mean or gross
  • Revel in all the geekery!

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