Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to depend on Tumblr for your TV and fandom news

Because getting online and keeping up on TV is hard wen your net access is unreliable and your cable is cut, I'm living off Tumblr on my phone. Here's how you can, too!
  1. Get a Tumblr account.
  2. Go to that search bar up top, and find blogs that post about the shows you watch and the fandoms you follow.
  3. Scroll scroll scroll though your feed.
  4. Don't hide from spoilers--that's literally news.
  5. Fact check anything that sounds too crazy.
  6. Read all the fan-theories about every aspect of every scene, and compare it to the actual thing when you actually see it--and then argue interpretations with someone else.
  7. Remember that Tumblr as a whole is biased in favor of relationships, social justice, and representing the underrepresented, which is fantastic and one of the reasons to be on Tumblr, but also means sometimes tiny things in shows become much bigger than they need to, and don't actually have any inherent meaning.
  8. Understand that using Tumblr to keep up on shows will give you a slightly skewed idea of what is actually going on--including some characters disappearing, some storypoints that were never actually in the show, and about half the time, the actual show is sort of a letdown after the careful thought that goes into the fan theories.
  9. Understand also that things will be different now--being a fan on your own is different than being a fan in an active fan community.
  10. Make wonderful new friends.

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