Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ten reasons I'm excited for Star Wars

1. It's more Star Wars!

2. I really want to see people cosplaying as middle aged Princess Leia to counter balance all the slave Leias.

3. More Millenium Falcon! At least, those rumors I heard had better be true.

4. A new generation of Jedi!

5. It looks like Luke has his Jedi Master beard on!

6. I really want to see if the refounded Jedi order are different from the old one, what with the whole what-do-you-mean-the-world-isnt-really-only-black-and-white of the old guys.

7. Aliens! I always loved how populated the SW universe is, and how everyone speaks their own language and that's normal.

8. Lightsabre battles. Safe bet, always awesome, even when the movie isn't.

9. I'm super curious about vilainous plots. Evil Empire? Or, like, trade negotiations and senate infighting? It could go either way, and whichever way, I get stuff to talk about!

10. The awesomeness of Skywalker women has been increasing down the generations, so I'm looking forward to the most awesome one yet. You hear me? Most awesome, no less.

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