Monday, July 14, 2014

Ten things I love about Doctor Who

I basically love Doctor Who, as a whole, in about any incarnation that the Doctor or the show gives me (even angry, over-acting Six with his very small budget and HORRIBLE special effects), but here's ten things that I love most about the show, and if they're there, it basically ensures that I'll have no problem at all adapting to the changes. Cuz, you know, there'll be changes.

  1. When the Doctor looks proud at his Companion being brave or saucy or otherwise not what the villains expect. Especially if it's someone who gets underestimated, even by him.
  2. When the Doctor forgets to act human--like when he's not sleeping or eating, and everyone else is. Or like in Midnight, when he's not trying to blend in.
  3. When the Companions get to do something so beyond the call that they get to steal the show--and the Doctor loves it.
  4. When the story is positive in the end--hopeful and joyful, and convinced that people are basically good and strong and able to overcome anything.
  5. When the Doctor acts the wrong age for how he looks--like when he's a childish old man, or a cranky old young man.
  6. When Companions collect each other, and more than just two go off on adventures.
  7. When the Tardis has opinions and makes them known.
  8. When the setting is truly alien, or is a specific moment in actual human history.
  9. When there isn't really a villain because everyone has understandable motivations and the conflict is a misunderstanding that can be solved through something other than blowing things up and killing everyone.
  10. When everyone lives.
What ten things would be on your list? What do you like most about the series?
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