Monday, July 14, 2014

Shows I'm missing this week because I don't have cable

Matador, a new spy show

Continuations of
-Extant, which I've probably actually decided to catch on DVD or Netflix anyway
-Tiny House Nation, which is so cute
-Welcome To Sweden, which is probably too niche to survive, but I love Sweden and do I love that
-Tree House Master and Pool Master, which are like dream house wishlist shows
-Almighty Johnsons*
-and The Strain **.

The Lottery, a post apocalyptic Children Of Men type story.

Gunslingers, which looks like it's trying to get in on Hell On Wheels territory, though it's more closely tired to famous history, do who knows if that'll be a strength our not.

*I actually liked this one, the only new show I was able to catch this week. Norse gods reincarnated into human bodies in Aukland is weird enough to carry me through the set up episodes. Plus, there seems to be some gender war going on that could be interesting if it doesn't turn hateful, and it gas the girl from Whale Rider, who I like a lot.
**I've been waiting so long for this, and then I was sick with migraines all weekend and totally forgot about it.

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