Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hell On Wheels s4s3 "Chicken Hill" liveblog roundup

Last week's liveblogs today!


  • Almost time for Hell On Wheels and Outlander! I’m sure one will annoy me and one will make me happy, who wants to bet which is which?
  • That is a whole lot if work for one page…
  • What is New-omi going to do about those hookers Bohannon used to be friendly with?
  • Yes! Bohannon really is back! I’m already feeling better about this season.
  • "It’s three ghost of Cullen Bohannon. And Mormon no less."
  • "I’m the only one can get it moving again" he says, right in front if the dude who had been doing that job all winter.
  • "I got a Mormon girl in a family way. I need a job. Any more questions?"
  • "Killed gots brother and I helped him bury him. Guess that makes us something."
  • Hallucinating Elam. Like a bro, ya know.
  • I’m so happy Bohannon is back. Like, so happy. This show walks a thin line between getting it right and being entirely aggravating, and it’s easier to keep on the right side whe Bohannon is in the same place ad everyone else.
  • Yes mam women concerned about each other (even if they are still talking about a guy).
  • You’d better not her yourself in trouble because you’re determined to be tough.
  • Someone needs to get Eva a pile if food.
  • "If I didn’t know better, I might consider to interest more…personal. he’s not that interesting!"
  • I love that everyone is pissed about the casino thing.
  • You take control of good your life, Eva!
  • She was counting cards, but that guy cheated her?
  • Hey, look how this show is suddenly a full on Western with card sharks and all.
  • Ha! Practicing with cards while he does his business.
  • Aww, the horses! That dude just lost them a lot of money. Also? Dumbass.
  • I’m glad they’re reaffirming Bohannon’s ties to the railroad. That’s the core of the show.
  • Took him a while there, didn’t it?
  • "You would’ve come back if you were alive" But he did come back, tho. Just later than expected.
  • Aw, unfair, Bo. Asking Ruth to help take care of the wife that isn’t her.
  • I never would have thought I’d prefer Durant to whatever moral weirdness there is.
  • Jeeze, Bo. Enemies everywhere you go.
  • Ugh. I hoped we’d get more time before going back to the Swede.
So this week!

I'm less concerned about Eva, because she's finally doing something about her life. Being a hooker wasn't great, and acting like one isn't great either, but at least she had some sort of self-posession back then, and she's got a little of it back tonight! But also, her transitioning into a card hustler could be REALLY COOL if they do it right; she could be a full-on lady outlaw, beloved of the people, powerful in the town, scourge of all the assholes that keep washing up along that rail road!

Now I'm concerned about Ruth's fragile sanity (her dad did go nuts, you know), and about Naomi's ability to adapt to the town.

On the other hand, I love the slight rekindling of the Newspaper-Lady / Bohannon BroMance that was sort of amazing for a minute there before the show went left into Mormon Subplot Of Doom.

What did you think?
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