Sunday, August 24, 2014

Outlander s1e2 "Castle Leoch" liveblog roundup

Pretty sure this gif about sums up the attitude of the whole show.

Are you loving this show as much as I am? Because it's so good, you guys. Here's episode 2's reactions:

  • Almost time for Hell On Wheels and Outlander! I’m sure one will annoy me and one will make me happy, who wants to bet which is which?
  • Outlander!
  • Two days ride in that shift of a dress in the rain? No mam.
  • Blon Falfoch Passameer Day Sliveen!*
  • That’ll tell you what that room was for.
  • Ew Randal ew.
  • Oh Jamie.**
  • All the woodwork in this castle I’d amazing.
  • She’s slept the whole day away at five am…
  • "It’s a braziere. It’s from France." "Hm."
  • Aw man. Everything she says is a problem.
  • I love how they bond over their stories. It’s all stories.
  • The clothes are amazing in this show.
  • Me thinks this isn’t the girls punishment anymore…
  • It seems like there’s a lit of overlap between guest and prisoner in this age.
  • Well, she’s trapped and no going home, but at least now she has a vital purpose in the clan ?
  • At the head table in the Laird’s brothers seat!
There's less commentary because I keep getting wrapped up in actually, you know, watching them. Watching all those eyes sending various loaded looks in all directions. It's a gorgeous show, and it's a shame not to actually see it happening--and I was never one of those ones who could type without looking on my phone or iPad (which is usually how I liveblog, since I can't haul my big ass desktop out into the livingroom and don't have most channels in my room).

This ep, I missed the large chunk of semi-modernness, but only for a second, because Claire is really good about flashbacks inside her flashbacks, and the editing does a really good job of linking together stuff so that she doesn't actually have to tell us everything. 

What do you think about the show so far?

*It's a hobby of mine to play "which of these British actors has been in Doctor Who?"
**This is my reaction to Jamie 90% of the time, in different inflections.
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