Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thinking about Sleepy Hollow

  2. John Noble is a regular!
  3. We get to meet a pre-Katrina love of Ichabod's!
  4. Henry is the Mayor of Sleepy Hollow!
  5. They're asking "is he redeemable"!
And then from this!
  1. Season 2 is scarier!
  2. "So we come in very much with everyone where they were, and they can’t really help each other until they figure out a way out. Which some of them do, and maybe some of them don’t."
  3. Crane's gonna be hesitant to outright kill his kid, Abby's gonna be "let's do this", and Katrina's gonna be trying to actually have a family.
  4. "Katrina is able to see who the Headless Horseman truly is once again, and they get to flesh out their history. He gets to continue to pursue her as a love interest, and then the question is, is she really being tempted by this man slash god of evil, or is she potentially using his affections to find out more?"
  5. Bounty Hunter is one of Jenny's "guys" from the ol' artifacts trade.
  6. There's a new weapon in The Kindred, which is, like, also the Headless Horseman, but for good?
  7. Jenny's gonna be in potentially dangerous hands.
  8. Ben Franklin!
  9. "There’s nothing like another good-looking guy arriving in the mix to suddenly make people realize how they really feel about each other." You know what? Let's just do that whole thing:
So many fans are rooting for Abbie and Crane to get together romantically. Does that seem like something that could happen this year?
There’s nothing like another good-looking guy arriving in the mix to suddenly make people realize how they really feel about each other. Katrina, by the way—her goal, obviously, is to do all she can not only to escape the clutches of the Headless Horseman, but also to see if she can reunite her family. That is Crane’s goal as well. Despite Henry Parrish’s anger, maybe there’s a way to reach their son. Abbie is not a homewrecker. I think as long as Crane and Katrina are seeking to keep their family together, and as long as they’re in love—barring her coming under some evil spell—I think she would try to respect that relationship. Any great romance hopefully is preceded by a wonderful friendship, and we want to make sure we explore every element of that. But again, the fun part about having a plan is you can deviate from it, or you can be surprised by something that comes about naturally.


Also, sort of a lot of "excuse me, what now?" Because, like, we get the message that maybe they'll start realizing what they could have had / what they sort of haven't admitted they already have, at the same time as we're getting the message that Abbie and Ichabod are, like, switching roles and working on different priorities, and that sounds amazing. Complex, naturally drama-ful, potentially damaging to all relationships involved--and I love a story of people coming back together after everything is messed up*. AND! And it sounds like we'll finally get a little clarity on Katrina!

I'm still hoping:

  • She's not bland, she's being bland--she's playing the part of the victim to get other people to do stuff for her.
  • She's either evil, or she's something that's neither good nor evil--she's the grey in between, or she's some force of chaos, or she's doing everything for her own subversive goals that don't line up with either side.
  • She actually loves Ichabod, but that wasn't the goal of whatever she did--getting him to be where he needs to be was the goal, and she got all emotionally invested.
  • She actually is as powerful as everyone keeps saying, and she's been specifically not using her power for some good reason we don't know about yet.
I'm holding these hopes until the show proves otherwise.

I'm so very excited about the idea of redeeming Henry. For these reasons!
  • Think how powerful it would be to have either a full Horseman on their side, or a person who knows some of what the plan is for those dudes. Depending on whether they'd have to get the Horseman out of him to save him or not.
  • Think how totally wonderful it would be to have them trying to play house when the son is twice as old as the parents, the father is a Witness fighting the apocalypse, and the mother is a witch who is probably not on their side! Think of it! And if they have another baby in the meantime? Oh my god.
  • I adore a redemption story. Redemption stories are so much better than straight-up hero stories, because they have to earn redemption, and earn being good, and it's a struggle.
And we get Ben Franklin and all his crazy inventions.
And we get hot bounty / relic hunters who don't believe that they're handling magic.
And we get Abbie and Jenny's mom! And, hopefully, that means either a) the demons that plagued her have something to do with the very existence of Abbie and Jenny, b) that's why they all know the bible and latin so well, or c) that story goes way further back than anyone knew!

I'm just, like, vibrating with anticipation--and I have to wait a whole month still!

What do you guys most want to see? What potential story points make you most excited?

*Or I wouldn't like Whedon so much, tbh.
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