Friday, August 15, 2014

The Quest s1s3 liveblog roundup!

As you may or may not know, I frequently loveblog shows over on my tumblr--here's what I thought about The Quest this week:

Apparently some of the last ones I posted didn't actually post, but here's the list of the ones that did!

  • Time for The Quest!
  • Wow, that poison made her look BAD. And now there’s a power struggle brewing!
  • I’m not a witch, I’m your wife!
  • This show reminds me of the Crystal Maze*—a little cheesy, a little awesome, and addictive.
  • What if talky mctalksalot I’d a mole? Like, he’ll skate by until It’s really important, then he’ll turn on them and be a villain. That’d be cool.
  • I was about to ask if busting down the door would be a problem, but then they start digging under the door, sooo…
  • Damnit, Christian. Go home.
  • Did they CGI that smoke and her color?
  • Why does this moderately European kingdom have a vizir and not, like, a council, or a minister? Do we get his story?**
  • Did they write that song for her or should she come back next year as the bard?***
  • Oh, she said see wrote it.
  • I hope they get to keep their medals even if they’re bumped.
  • Everyone else is all “we’re family” and Christian is all “we ain’t family” and that’s why I don’t like him****.
  • And I’m just thinking about whether I can make nail polish with those pigments.
  • I love that they’re playing this collaborative. They’re working together, not against each other.
  • They keep saying that C is good at stuff, but all I’ve seen is him messing up when he claims he’s so great.
  • I love the ghost wall. It keeps the old contestants around and present.
  • What the actual fuck. If C doesn’t turn out to be a turncoat later, I’m going to be so annoyed. Esp if this keeps happening.
  • Everyone feels bad now that it’s too late, huh?
  • Plot twist! Of course.
This show is, objectively, sort of dumb; but it's like watching a show at a RennFaire or something--you know it's contrived, it's more than a little cheesy, but they're so into it and taking it so seriously, that you sort of get sucked in, too. And, I mean, what nerd hasn't wanted to actually go into a fantasy world and actually do stuff?

My favorite part of it, though, is that they're mostly playing collaboratively. In other reality competition shows, it tends to be everyone for himself from the beginning, but these guys decided almost immediately that they are all hoping to be the Hero, but only one can be, and that that means the rest of them are there to support the Hero in any way they can--so they're not backstabbing, they're outright helping each other, and it's kind of beautiful.

I hope they don't cast meaner people if the show gets a second season.

*Am I the only person who remembers the Crystal Maze? I loved that show.
**There are so many ways for this story to open up--how the visir came to this medieval land, and whether his homeland is one of the competitive Twelve Kingdoms of EverRealm; the story of the master of arms and why he's such a badass and yet needs these noobs to be his fighters; any side stories the contestants can drum up, like falling for one of the serving wenches--or even the queen; the possibilty of willful turncoats, or of losing competitors to the sway other side where they then work against their could be SO COOL.
***I actually really liked the song, and I love the idea of her coming back as a bard in the next season if she doesn't win this one.
****Or at least how he plays.
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