Saturday, April 4, 2015

#12MonkeysThemeWeek here on my ol Geeky Blog!

All next week, I'm going to be posting little fanfic stories I've been writing for this week-long celebration of the best new show this year--since I can't draw well enough to do art for five days--and I'm going to link them up here on the blog! I'm posting them mostly to Tumblr, since that's Where The Fandoms Live (tm), but I'm crossposting here and on my writing blog, and when there's a master-post, I'm going to link that here too!

I haven't written fanfic in at least a decade, since I left Livejournal and started going to school for my original writing, and I'm actually really excited to be participating!

So keep an eye on #12MonkeysThemeWeek and #12 Monkeys Theme Week on Twitter and Tumblr, and come join the fun!
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