Monday, April 6, 2015

@pirategirljack Livetweet roundup for Week 14 2015!

Monday - March 30 


Let's talk about: How everyone on the show is in love and none of them can get a break?? Toby and Happy actually had a date and Toby self-sabotaged and now Happy is convinced she's never going to trust him again and Toby is convinced she's going to be mad at him forever--but he won't give up anyway. Oh, my heart.

And in the meantime, Walter finally went to do something about his feelings for Paige, he actually ran out of there to get to her faster, and when he did, Drew was already there and they looked like a perfect family, and now Walter is going to clam up again and never let anyone in. He's totally useless dealing with emotions--to the point where I'm pretty sure that while it's obvious to us and to Toby, it's not obvious to anyone else. Cabe maybe has an inkling, but the way he said "I hope you get to experience that one day" about love, it doesn't sound like it. And Toby knows that Paige has feelings for him but has failed to mention that she's repressing, denying and pushing them asside--because I'm about 89% sure that she doesn't have more than a basic inkling of how deeply Walter feels for her. She sees the best in people, but she also takes them at face value. Walter says he has no feelings and doesn't believe in love, and she believes him, no matter what the little voice in her head says.

It's an emotional disaster, and if the team breaks up at the finale, it'll be because of that fact, I tells ya.


Let's talk about: The talent show! Ryan and Espo dancing to Daft Punk and killing it! Castle and Beckett dancing and singing in the shower! Becks getting all stage-fright-y and worrying that she won't be able to command a whole station if everyone has seen her failing to sing in the talent show! I don't even remember the case, because the Teamwork was so very very sweet.


Lets talk about: Shipping, Because apparently I'm a walking Shipping News this week. Erik was like a crazy puppy about Blaze, and Nell was Not Pleased! She was so not pleased that she kept making horrible faces and it was amazing. Even better, by the end of the episode, Erik knew that there was something Not Right, and he assured her it was nothing--which implies that he thinks he owes her an explanation--which implies I'm dying of feels--and then apologizes to her when things go poorly afterward! (and lets talk about how Blaze wanted him to be friends with her dad, not her!)

It's odd that Hetty would have called in another nerd when she has two, but it was so much fun to watch it play out. And Hetty is always enigmatic, so.

Gotham: Stillll reruuuuunnnnns

I still miss Sleepy Hollow.

Tuesday - March 31

The Flash

Lets talk about: How Welles is evil, but it's not really Welles?? And it's not Eddie, either--he was a red herring. So Eobard somehow fell backwards through time fighting the Flash--and was it him who saved the babyBarry? So why was he there? 

And then he takes over Welles's life because Welles was taking too long inventing world-changing technology, and be becomes Welles. So now, we have this Eobard who Barry hasn't met yet, so who hasn't yet gone back to become Welles, but we also have the Welles he becomes, so at some point in the future, we're going to have Eobard and who Eobard becomes in the same space and...Well, I don't know what to make of him at all now.

Is he pure evil or has living here in the past loosened him up by giving him friends and allies he didn't have before? Did he really regret killing Cisco in that aborted version of reality, or did he just say that because he's used to being Welles? The Welles that was replaced--what did he do with the body, and are we 100% sure that he was dead? (since this is a comic-book-logic world, I would not at all be surprised if he comes back--also, like, they need a mentor, and who's better to replace Welles than Welles?)


Lets talk about: How tragic this all is. Liv is still thinking of herself as dead, but she's still here, watching everyone move on without her--Major, especially, this week. And there's a little snippet of the idea that a sociopath's brain could be like a drug, numbing the emotional pain caused by her maintaining her humanity--it's a complex issue, and I hope they come back to it a little before the end of the season. Not too much, but enough that we see her really make the choice to stay human and feeling

And lets talk about Ravi. Dear, sweet Ravi who thinks he can cure her and doesn't doubt it for a second. Who wants to help Marcy and is upset when it doesn't work. And who runs away from dangerous-Marcy but stands up to dangerous-Liv and talks her down and reminds her that she's human and gives her a change of clothes. Ravi. I feel the shipping yards building a glorious ship around him.

Things to keep an eye on:
  • Major getting involved in that underworld of new zombies that Blaine is creating
  • Babineaux starting to get a little edgy about whether he believes Liv or not

Agents of SHIELD

Let's talk about: SSSKKKYYYYEEEE. What is going on with your storyline? I'm so happy that she's getting a chance to actually use her powers, that they're actually impressive, and that she's found people who know what to do about them, but I still feel like all of this is way early to set up for The Inhumans. I don't like how Coulson shuffled her off--though the fact that he did it into one of Banner's safehouses was cool, and the fact that he recognized that it was the wrong idea (maybe that was last week?) is still very reassuring. I hope if the team splits up along Shield1 and Shield2 lines, Fitz and Skye are on the same side.

Which brings us to: What even is going on with Shield? Like, I watch this show because I love this team, not because I love Shield, and so far, I don't see a whole lot of difference between Gonzales-Shield and Coulson-Shield, except that Gozales has these four other people helping him run it and Coulson is suffering on his own? And Coulson is, like, more inside of what they're dealing with now?

I'm hoping that they switch set-ups. Coulson could use help running the place, and I feel like he already runs his team more democratically that Shield-standard anyway; meanwhile, Gonzales is really bigoted, and that leads to less of a real democracy, since he really seems to believe that if you're not 100% human, you need to GTFO. He's going to be on the side of Registration, I just know it. And here's my take: Secrets were definitely a problem for OldShield--but so was Hydra, and Gonzales discounting that lets them back in, which is stupid. And as the world changes--as it already has changed--you have to use what you have to fight back, and Gonzales wants to exclude all the heroes and powers and alien tech that they're going to need to fight the villains and powers and alien tech thrown at them. Which is stupid.

Other thoughts:
  • When will they run into the fact that all those Stark-bots that become Ultron are running around doing their job because Tony thinks Fury and Coulson are dead and Shield is gone?


Let's talk about: How Jo was a teenaged punk! And now I really want to see that. Maybe fan-artists (cough - Cara McGee - cough) will draw awesome pics showing what that was like!

And lets talk about: How I like Cuba Gooding Jr, but I don't like his character? Like, he's too much. He's rich and cool and smart AND he's alpha-dogging all over and making Jo all girly and shy? Nah. I don't like it. I hope that significant-looking glance between her and Henry in the preview is a real one, and not just editing.

And about: How Henry doesn't know what happened to Abigail. And how it almost destroyed him to lose her. And how Abe has been secretly looking for her after he intervened to get Henry functioning again. All of that is a big deal, and I hope it comes up as part of the finale, because I haven't heard that this is renewed yet and it'll make me sad if we never see what comes of that.

NCIS: Didn't Liveblog, but the best part was when Tony and Bishop went under cover and Gibbs looked like he wanted to jump out a window.

Wednesday - April 1


Let's talk about: How I'm still super-tired of the whole Ra's storyline. Like, I'm done, dudes. I just don't care anymore. But it did lead to some fun stuff with the criminally-underused Det Lance, and it seems from that explosive preview that it causes a lot of movement on all fronts starting soon, so maybe it'll be worth it. Right now, it's dumb, it's repetitive, and it's not going anywhere--except forcing Ollie to be honest for once in his damned life. Which is a lesson he really does need to learn.

I don't even remember what happens in this ep anymore because I've seen the preview so many times now. That's what I'm looking forward to!

Thursday - April 2


Lets talk about: Breaking the fourth wall right. When Bones on the show joined Twitter, so did an actual Temperance Brennan Twitter account appear! And as the characters talked about things and posted pictures on the show, so did those posts show up on that account! It's brilliant. Bones was livetweeting her own show, and David Boreanaz was commenting on stuff posted there, and it was amazing. That's who you meta your fiction! I hope they keep up the tweeting through the rest of the show's run--and continue to use it to post eastereggs and special feature stuff, too. And sometimes post actual anthropological articles, because that'd be cool.

How long before they admit that EmsDash is pregnant again?


Let's talk about: Small fandoms. Not too many people liveteweet this show, but the writers room AND the official show account tweet, so there's a pretty good amount of replies and actual conversation with the people who actually make the show and that's great. Plus, the show is finding it's feet, getting in with the feels, and this ep brought up a whole bunch of feels for ol Backstrom to deal with. Him being high on a handful of pills, threatening a massive gangster with the help of his favorite beat cop, is probably the most powerful scene I've seen yet. And I'm just falling in love with this team of weirdos that probably don't work great in normal teams, but do fantastically well in this one.


Let's talk about: How more and more I feel like this whole season is a really slow seduction of Watson that he might not even be aware that he's doing? I just can't shake all that talk from before about how she'll never be happy in a traditional relationship, and how he keeps not having traditional relationships, and it seems too convenient to mean nothing.

Also: When ladyface wanted his help making a baby, he was severely freaked out before he knew she was being paid off by his Mysterious Father. He didn't want to curse anyone else with living with his talents. Oh, my heart. He's like Banner when he's not the Hulk, he's a raw nerve. I hope Watson can be a bit of a buffer for him...

Friday - April 3

12 Monkeys

Let's talk about: Second to last episoddddeeeeee! And how I've continued talking about this one all through saturday, mostly off the tag bc of space issues on Tweets, but I can't seem to not think about it? This one changed everything again! It's bonkers. Everything since the middle of the season could have been a season ender.

This week we got:
  • BabyCole and Papa Cole--a cure for his temporal-genetic deterioration by way of creating a paradox inside himself with BabyCole's blood; an explanation of the milk-bullet-shady person visions he's been having, that I'm taking to be a really long-running New Memory Event (like the bullet when Aaron shot past-him, but stretched over a longer time), because I think in the original timeline, he probably did die in the plague and maybe Cole died at Cassie's, but now Cole lived through a paradox and Papa Cole died; Cole-Family bonding; and we saw the first meeting of Cole and Ramse and I'm not okay.
  • SO MUCH LOVE between Cole and Cassie. She tried to kidnap Jones to help him, she said more than once that she wouldn't let him die, she was willing to mess with history even though she doesn't want others doing that for her, she punched Aaron in the face for betraying them and ran back to Cole. She couldn't keep her hands off him, and spent the whole episode smoothing his hair, rubbing his chest, tucking him in, touching his face and I died. Oh my god, this ship sails itself. And then she held his hand at the end, and he looked at her like he had never held hands with anyone in his life and couldn't believe that this was happening now!
  • Aaron finally picking a side and being the force of human-level damage that we all knew he would be. He's maybe the worst of the baddies--he's bad because he can't think big enough to be good, can't grasp what's at stake. 
  • YoungJones! She's sassy and sharp and sardonic, and she doesn't believe in love until she weathers a night of crazy with Cole and Cassie, and she didn't want her baby but we know she eventually loves her so much she literally defies time to save her. I hope we get more of her in the now!
  • A paradox that was so cool it was worldchanging. Because of it, Cole is whole again, but he's cut off from 2043, which I'm taking to mean he's now part of 2015. Like, if he manages to erase his own time, he now belongs here, and he won't disappear. I'm sure there's going to be a time when he starts jumping again, or when other people start going through instead of him, or both, but I'm so happy that he gets to spend time with Cassie--that they can do this together instead of her doing the legwork and him busting skulls without her. I hope it's weeks of togetherness before he starts splintering again, so that when he leaves, it really does hurt.
This show has made me a pain-junkie. It's crazy how I crave the angst!

And now there's only one episode lefttttt!

Saturday - April 4


Let's talk about: How somehow my favorite genre of TV became People In The Wrong Time--Outlander, Sleepy Hollow, 12 Monkeys, Continuum, even Flash, so some extent.

And about how I forgot all the sex? I literally have no idea how, but there's a lot of sex that I'd forgotten about, and it's weird watching it with my mom and brother on either side of me. But it's also done so well, so pretty.

But mostly I missed the scenery and the accents and the whole thing of the show, and I'm super excited that we have it back!

Sunday - April 5

No more TWD! 
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