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@pirategirljack livetweet roundup Week 16 2015

MONDAY 4-13-15


OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THIS IS TOO MUCH. The synopsis was not lying when it said Walter has "one too many emotional blows"-- last ep, he went to tell Paige how he feels and saw her being happy with Drew, who she hadn't said was back in town. This week, he finds out that Cabe knew about the bombing that was done with his software, and didn't tell him because he didn't want him to stop the mission. Which leads him against Cabe, and then against Paige when she tries to stop him. And then Ralph gets in trouble and almost dies because he told Ralph he's part of the team. And then Paige says she's leaving because she can't keep Ralph in a risky situation and she doesn't want him to turn out like Walter.

And my heart collapsed into a thousand sharp little shards.

AND THEN HE DRIVES OFF A FUCKING CLIFF. This show runs hot on the emotion-scale for a show about people who supposedly don't feel emotions, and it's sort of too much for me. I fear the finale will straight up kill me, and it's more than I can handle.

Not that I'm not going to watch it, because the synopsis says all he wants to do is talk to Paige, and that is not something I'm going to miss.

But damn, this show gets me right in the feels.


You know, out of all these characters, Callen isn't really one I worry about or crave watching. That's more for Deeks and Kensi and Eric and Nell and Hetty. Callen is sort of a brick wall. But this episode showed more of his backstory, and how Hetty is basically his mom, saving him from a criminal life and a quick and dirty death. Young!Hetty was strange to see, but also really fun, and I sort of hope we get more of that for her own sake. I want to see a way-far flashback to young Hetty and young Granger as field agents in the and 80s, being badass and maybe building a history that they now don't talk about but haven't ever gotten over.

That's what I want to see.


I don't even know what's going on with this show, really. Fish is off in some other show, being Queen of the Morloks. Penguin is getting all up in everyone's business but is mostly talking to new people. Bruce is getting weird. Jim is getting serious. Harvey is still being unexpectedly the most fun. I'm not super invested in any of the storylines, but I like the show for the characters. Whether or not they have anything in common (yet?) with the characters we know, I like how they interact with each other. And how they're setting stuff up.

Cat killing Reg was unexpected, and Bruce being...conflicted, we'll say, about it was pretty intense. That kid can sell it when he wants to.

I just hope the storylines come back together by the end of the season.

TUESDAY 4-14-15


Does anyone else feel like it's way too easy for Skye to access these powers that were basically just making things sort of jiggle before and were breaking her bones? Like, I get that she was suppressing them before, but now almost immediately she can make water flow crooked and can move mountains. That seems fast. And now her story is as far away from everyone else's as possible, and I just sort of wonder what it's doing? I like Skye best when she's being May and Coulson's adoptive daughter*, and the longer she's away, the less she had to do with hacking, hacktivism, Coulson, May, Shield, and all the things that were previously the most defined thing about her. Maybe this is just me resisting what's unclear as her character develops, but I miss her on the team.

Which hardly exists anymore. But at least Fitz wants to come hang out with Coulson, and Simmons is using her skill at being two-faced to help Team C, and so on.

I loved the May backstory, but at the same time, I miss her mystery. I mean, there was no way Bahrain was ever going to be as horrible as they made it sound, but they did a really good job of making it resonate as bad as they've been saying. May wanted to have a baby and she didn't because she had to kill a kid, and that's horrible, and I'm sad that it happened to her and I'm sad that I know it. It brings ALL THE FEELS. I hope they're going to let her adopt a power-baby or something, because she needs to heal and I want her to heal, and she needs to just be Skye's mom. Even though Skye found her mom and I don't really care.

But Reina is a precog, though? That's interesting. Now just work her and Skye around to Inhuman besties and we're good.

And now I wonder if they're going to tie into Ultron at all, because shouldn't they have noticed Tony-Bots flying around and developing sentience? Or heard about the Avengers getting overwhelmed and having to do something about it? Or something? This is literally my biggest problem with the show, though--they're tied to the releases of the movies, without really tying into them at all (the tie-in for Thor 2 was literally nothing, not even looking for that ice-monster that was left free in London), and it's crippling the story.


More Ravi! I want all the Ravi all the time always forever. Also, this episode could have used more Clive. But we did get a lot of Liv-and-her-life, which is good too, and a sexy new zombie who was not at that party and looks like King Arthur (which I really hope someone brings up), so there's that. Maybe Liv can be happy and cute for a little while before that goes spectacularly off the rails like all things must when you're hiding things as a plot point.**

And Major! Getting in over his head and being destroyed for it. Maybe literally. I saw a thing on Tumblr with the credits art that had Major on Liv's slab, and that is not something I'm hoping happens. I'm uninterested in Liv and Major getting back together, but Ravi only just moved in with him when he didn't want to move at all, and they have unfinished character business, and he was only trying to do what's right, and I will be very disappointed if that's cut off and handed to Liv when it's his story.

Also? That's a horrible thing for Liv to have to deal with, and for Ravi to have to deal with, and it was way super-sudden and jarring.


With Doug Jones! Mostly this episode felt like fluff, but the way this story is going, I liked fluff better than all the plot, so there's that, and there's a lot of set-up involved here:

  • Metahumans who were not involved in the reactor explosion, which seems super important even though that wasn't even main characters who were talking about that.
  • Atom getting to be a hero, even if it did have to be with Ollie remote-controlling the suit, and the relations between grim ol broody-pants and happy-go-lucky-and-unappreciated-pants evening out some. That high five was priceless.
  • Ray seeing how Felicity still loves Ollie--and I hope he breaks up with her over it, because he needs to catch a break himself.
  • Doug Jones. He's a plus in and of himself.
  • THEA WHAT NO! Don't be a plot point!
  • Lance not being a rage-fueled dick, but trying to help Roy...who then fakes his death because without Thea he has no story? I don't know, I hope he comes back.
And next week looks like it's time for sexytimes!

THURSDAY 4-16-15


No baby this week, but the ads say she finds out next week and they aren't even being coy about it, so that's great. No word on Mr Viziri, but we get the return of Wendel and his nurse-girlfriend and the return of hapless Hadgins because of it! But the better things go between them, the more I worry about her.

Bones's dad us still shifty as all fuck, but he brings back a ring that Bones lost because someone was threatening the family, and that's why her dad left to begin with, so that's okay? I guess? I don't know, her daddy issues are getting very ambiguous and I'm super-unsure how to feel about them anymore. But props to Booth for actually bugging his car with a GPS tracker, because that's totally in character and is awesome.

I still like Aubrey. He's so young but so sassy.


Not ghosts, terrorists. But I really wanted it to be ghosts--or at least for them to start entertaining the idea that it actually is ghosts, just long enough for Joan to have to question what she thinks happens to dead people, and her and Sherlock to have a convo that makes her deal with Andrew's death.*** Which is probably too much to ask, since this is a slow-character-development classic CBS show. Le sigh.

Other than that, I don't really have a whole lot to say about this episode. The ones that are just cases are less interesting to me, though I do like that Gregson basically admitted that he cares about Joan and her wellbeing--and, probably, Sherlock, too--and that he doesn't like how shifty and bitchy his daughter turned out.

FRIDAY 4-17-15

I missed The Messangers, and it hasn't popped up on On Demand, so there's that. I'm gonna try to catch it next week.

First week without 12 Monkeys and I crey.

SATURDAY 4-18-15

She chose him! I mean, it's a love story, so she has to choose him, and she can't go back before the end of the season or things will get overly complicated, but she chose him. And she took all day to do it, so we know she means it when she does! Jamie and Claire are such a shining example of Ideal Love that I can't even. He believed her crazy story about being from the future because it was her who said it and he knows her heart. He saved her from being burned at the stake. He's taking her home to Lallybroch, despite the fact that almost everything that happened to her this episode happened because of Baby Girlfriend and her jealous lunacy--or because of it.

Ughghghghg, so love, much feels, very dream.

And Gaillis! From 1969! She's a hippie who fell through time! That is great, and even though I sort of thought that's what was going on (I think because of the questions she was asking, not because of the book, because I read it so long ago I don't even remember if I got that far). Does she die? She's a bitch and a smug one and should have known better, but she's much more interesting than stupid old Baby Girlfriend.

Orphan Black:

Yay Clones! I dropped out of this show sometime in Season 1, for whatever reason--I think it was opposite something else we were watching--and never got back to Season 2, but the whole day before the Season 3 premier, I watched the marathon, and I'm mostly caught up. It's such a rollercoaster, this show, and I'm so happy to be watching it live!

And we got so much in this one episode:

  • Helena in a box, hallucinating or dreaming about a super-happy babyshower and then talking to scorpions!
  • Crazy boy-Clones and their violent mustachioed brothers!
  • Cophine breaking up because Delphine is probably the new Rachel and turning terrible, and Rachel is worse than we knew, trying to kill everyone with the help of her Cleaner, who she'd been sleeping with!
  • Rachel now somewhat braindamaged?
  • Sarah in holding, and then out of holding and then inpersonating Rachel and being impersonated by Alison!
  • Everyone being tangled up in their own lives!
  • A new Clone who has blonde hair and wears skimpy dresses and makes out with boy-Clones in elevators!
I don't even remember it all--I know I'm missing things--but it's so complex and wonderful and why isn't Tatiana Maslany winning every award ever? Oh, right, genre snobbery. Can't wait for next week!

SUNDAY 4-19-15

We have no Sunday shows anymore. Unless I start tweeting Naked and Afraid. Which I might.

Coming up next week:

  • StarTalk! Neil deGrasse Tyson's new late-night science TV show! Starting on 4-20 when seems like less of a coincidence than it could be.
  • Lip Synch Battle if I catch it live and tweet it.
  • Time Traveling with Brian Unger, if I manage to catch it, because I love him.
  • The Daytime Emmys?
I wish I had HBO so I could be watching Game of Thrones, but I'm so very behind on that show, what with NOT having HBO.

*Or possibly Coulson's May-December love interest, which I think would be awesome if they gave it as little comment as they gave to May and Ward's age-gap. But I think more and more that this is a pipe dream, and the more fatherly they make him, the more icky this possibility gets. And the more sad I get. Remember when you could ship anyone on this show with anyone else?
**Maybe Ravi will get jealous of King Arthur and there can be cuteness there, and the mixed messages of him wanting Liv back to himself, but also wanting to study more zombies so he can cure Liv. Yeah, I think I ship those two.
***And if it happens to push them into a more emotionally close relationship, that would be okay, too. Because we all know Sherlock's favorite way to release stress.
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