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@pirategirljack livetweets roundup for Week 15 2015!

Hello again and welcome to ALL MY THOUGHTS IN ONE PLACE! Whoo!

MONDAY 4-6-15

Nothing at all because my whole life was preempted by sports and we watched like three old movies on Netflix because no one else wanted to watch Nikita starting half way through the first season where I am.

TUESDAY 4-7-15

The Flash: Rerun

Agents of Shield

Let's talk about: How I don't care at all about the division over which Shield is Shield, because there is literally no one to care about on the other side? I care about Team Coulson, and about Coulson keeping his family together, and about him, personally, figuring out a better way for Shield to work. I have nothing to hang any caring on for the other side, and since Bobbi looks like she's coming back toward this side, and Mac is being so paranoid he's ruined what I liked best about him--his reliable dependability--I'm just over it all.

But I do love Coulson being a badass, I love Mike joining the team and them stealing a jet, and I love them going on the offensive, finally, because really. They've been sitting back and waiting, and the world must be going to shit without Shield out there arriving before anyone knows there's a problem, and it annoys me that there's this wall around the show. Like, come on. Why isn't there more talk of what Tony is doing to pick up the slack? Why isn't there more mention of stuff going down in various cities (specifically, now, Hells Kitchen in NY, since Daredevil has been released, though it wasn't at the end of this episode).

I love these characters, and even though the show is much better than how it started, it's still hemmed in in weird ways, and I feel like it's wings are clipped. It's so frustrating.


Lets talk about: I know Kung Fu! Old reference, but a perfect one, and she was kicking people's butts and it was awesome. And the Clive storyline was brilliant--she thought he was a bad cop, and he was genuinely upset that she would just think something like that because he hates his undercover past, and they end back on that flirty, sassy tone we all love--but more affectionately and hopefully closer and more friendly because of this growing trust. I love the Liv-Clive partnership so much.

And! Major and Ravi are roommates! Even if it's just for Major to get closer to Liv again, and even if it's just a plot device to make those two people more a part of her actual life, it's amazing, and I love how they were just instant friends. It was like a meet-cute (Meat Cute?) when they were talking about moving in together under false meeting-pretenses.

Also, Blaine? He's got crazy plans, and I can't wait for that rich-Zombie-gourmet-brain racket to just go bonkers.


Lets talk about: How I have less and less to actually say about this show? Like, I still like it, I still watch it, but even liveblogging, I don't have much of actual comment? I might give up keeping it in this post...

But who else is really nervous about Tony's dad living so close?


Let's talk about: How Jo didn't go to Paris with her super rich but also super pushy new boyfriend because SHE WANTED TO GO WITH HENRY! Henry who's advice was to get lost in the city at the first chance and wander around until you find it naturally and honestly and really live it! AND THAT SHE WENT TO TELL HIM! And then Abe showed up with the news that HE'D FOUND ABIGAIL. Because OF COURSE HE DID. With the help of Lucas, who Henry doesn't know was involved at all. And who has horrible timing and news that trumps an almost-confession that I hope makes them shy and flirty and awkward for at least one whole episode!


Arrow: Rerun of not even an old episode, which really annoys me.



Lets talk about: Mr Viziri! And his brother I'd forgotten (or didn't know?) he had, trapped in Iran. I'm almost definite that this means he'll be arrested and then Booth or someone will have to go in and get him or whatever, which feels contrived OR that it means they were looking for a way to get him off the show that would be very emotional--but that option pisses me off, because it means all of Cam's relationships end tragically when everyone else on the show including her daughter we hardly see has been given happy relationships.

And is that a new creepy killer? We haven't had one of those in ages.


Lets talk about: Emotional development! Backstrom is still a terrible person, but this episode and last episode brought a lot of tragedy to the WHY he's a horrible person, and even though he goes about learning his lessons in all the wrong way every time, there's still this feeling that he actually IS learning them. He defended Valentine last ep, he actually, honestly cried this ep. He's making progress, and it's a very realistic, messy, painful sort of progress I don't think I've seen on a regular middle-of-primetime, not-very-serious show before.

And I love his team so much. I love how Niedermeyer knows everything but no one listens, and how he's just sort of a sad puppy about that fact, not pissy and mean. I love how Paquet makes the weirdest interactive-art-installation murder boards. I love Gravley's youngness, and how that doesn't damage her ability to do her job at all. I love Almond's self-possession, style, and vaguely flirty everything. And Moto! Moto did, like, all the legwork this episode, and followed hunches and did his research. It was amazing.


Lets talk about: How I STILL think this whole season is the story of how Holmes and Watson finally fell in love. Like, it's CBS and it's emotionally weird people, so I'm not holding my breath, and I'd be okay if they just confirm a deeply codependent friendship that isn't at all sexual because that never happens--but come on. That whole definition of friendship conversation? That was Holmes being emotionally open, honest, and basically saying "you're the best part of me and I want to be more like you, not you more like me, and I'm super worried about you". With an implied "do you want a hug because I kind of do". It's the closest we've gotten to anything truly love-like from him since he was trying to tell if that AI was actually sentient, and it was a lot more true and real than that philosophical talk.

Also? If the writers keep the Holmes-Watson story totally platonic, they'll be wasting the only adaptation of the series where Holmes and Watson being in love won't threaten people who worry about two dudes being in love. And why even bother genderswitching when everyone knows that the two of them are in love anyway?

FRIDAY 4-10-15

12 Monkeys
Let's talk about: OH MY GOD IT'S THE LAST EPISODE UNTIL NEXT JANUARY EVEN THOUGH THEY STARTED PRODUCTION THIS PAST MONDAY!!! And how it's also the last day of the 12 Monkeys Theme Week, which really made the week fly by in a haze of feels and anticipation, but also made the finale so much harder to handle because now that's over toooooooo.

But for real, lets talk about:
  • Mr Dr Jones was in charge of the Splinter Project, but it was Mrs Dr Jones's serum, so what did he have to do to get that? And is she already signed up with Spearhead? I mean, she had to not be there so she wouldn't know that Cassie was coming through, but where is she instead?
  • CASSIE IS IN THE FUTURE. With a gut shot, no immunity (unless not being immune to the early strains doesn't mean you're not immune to the later, you just normally would have been dead already), and everything going to hell around her.
  • What is up with those Ghost Soldiers? Are they the Army of the 12 Monkeys? Are they really those babies, because they look older than 28 years, and if they ARE those babies, how pissed are they going to be that Cassie appearing is not in the Plan they've been raised for?
  • Aaron Marker is a tool, and that scene where they were interrogating him was hard to watch and brilliantly done--Cole really didn't want to do all that, and I think it was because Cassie was watching, but she's the one who told him to keep going--she's getting hard, and it's scary! And then he burned "to death" (in quotes because no body, no proof and he could still come back), and she wanted to save him, even after all that, and cried for him. So much emotional complexity going on there.
  • And the Red Forest vision? Until that point, she was dedicated, but not cruel, and she always listened to Cole's advice--but afterward, she comes out, apparently not having been affected at all, although we have seen her losing hope and stuff when the red plants are around before, and that thread is still dangling about what they did to her, and she comes out and shoots Ramse. She's the one who saves people, not the one who shoots people, and that's scary too.
  • How much time passed between hand-holding in the snow and waking up in bed?
  • Why didn't they kiss when he thought he was sending her to her death? He knows exactly what splintering does to you, she's already bled a lot, and he has no way of knowing if she'll make it or if Jones can actually help her, so as far as he knows, it's probably just a doing-something-desperate sort of death rather than a doing-nothing-and-letting-her-die-in-his-arms-again sort of death. He refused to say goodbye, but he could have still kissed her.
    • And we're just going to assume that "see you soon" now has exactly the same meaning as "as you wish" now, right?
  • Ramse is not the Witness and was so weirded out that they thought he was! And when he saw that Cole had to choose between him and Cassie, he told him to save Cassie--even though saving her took his whole plan and threw it away, as far as he was concerned! It took him 28 years to come around, and Cole being alive gave him that final push, and then Cole came back and changed everything.
    • Which makes me SO HAPPY, because I've been getting frustrated with how nothing changes, and without Ramse pre-knowing, there was NO REASON for things to keep going badly.
    • Also, I was a little sad that he didn't go back to 2043 to get Cassie, but I know he really can't anymore, and I'm very very happy that he and Ramse are on the same side again--or at least getting there.
  • Olivia is going to be SO PISSED when she finds out that Seki / Ramse didn't die, that Cole did not run off into obscurity, that she should have found out what happened to Dr Railly, and now because of it, Cole has access to everything Ramse knows (assuming they stop fighting and fucking compare notes, because everyone has different pieces to this puzzle), and Cassie now has access to whatever they know in the future--and can fill gaps there, too--and those Ghost Soldiers have no idea what's going on... It's gonna be epic.
  • Deacon is so confused and I love it.
  • Whitley and Adler survived! And there was so much sad-affection (sadfection?) between Whitley and Jones I almost died. I love those two so much. I want them to be in a cross-generational interracial love story, but I will settle for Jones, who didn't want to be a mom, just taking in all the strays.
  • How is Jones going to convince the Soldiers to let her save Cassie? How is Cassie going to adapt to a mostly abandoned facility under hostile command? Will they give her Cole's old room? Because I need that.
  • How long before we get reunions in the new season?
  • How hard will Cole try to get back to her / get her back? Will the machine return her to 2015 the way it returned him to 2043 eventually, or will it be a different sort of trip because she was sent from the machine to itself?
  • Jenniferrrrrr! She's still in charge of Markridge and it looks like everyone has basically forgotten about her as soon as she told them that she'd told Cole where to go--which was awful and which she didn't look happy about but did anyway, so what did they do to her to make her do it? She hates Cassie. She has 12 cases on her personal plane, but it's 2 years early. She wants to return the world to the animals because people are awful. She sent Ramse back to "undo what I've done" as well as whatever Cole and whoever else did. What is she doing?
Oh my god, I have no words. Well, I have a lot of words, and I'll be writing all sorts of fic to fill the gap, but I have no  idea what's going to happen next, and it's glorious, and I don't want to wait so long!

SATURDAY 4-11-15




Let's talk about: How the only good women in the past are Claire, who is headstrong and not very subtle, and Mrs Fitz who is hardly ever there. Gaillies is the least subtle person ever, flouncing around like she's untouchable, being all witchy in a really superstitious time and place, and now she's gotten Claire arrested. And Laoghrie, she's just a horrible brat. And everyone else is a dude.

I love Jamie and Claire together, but now it seems we're in the part of the season where everything is going to crap, and it bruises my heart!

SNL: Taraji P Henson and Mumford and Sons

Let's talk about: How Taraji is amazing. That is all.

SUNDAY 4-12-15
No more Sunday shows for a while!

New stuff coming up next week!
  • Daredevil! But since it's all at once, I'm going to give it it's own post.
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