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@pirategirljack livetweet roundup Week 17 2015

MONDAY 4-20-15

You guys, that finale had ALL THE FEELS. Like, we all knew Walter was going to be okay, what with him being the main character, and, like, a real person who is alive, but what we didn't know was how or will it be  now or will we have to wait through an endless cliffhanger? We didn't have to wait--thank God--but also, we didn't have to deal with a cliffhanger after that previous one! I approve of seasons NOT ending on cliffhangers!

Also, being someone who watches TV shows for their emotional and character content more than for their "core episodes", I really liked this finale. The story was as simple as could be--Walter was on a cliff and had to not die with his team's help. But the genius (see what I did there) was in how the storylines set up by the last few episodes were resolved by the characters and, further, by them working together. Look:
  • Toby and Happy have been sort of tense around each other; fixed by them leading the team to save Walter, as evidenced by the two of them together watching Ralph so Paige could stay with Walter in the hospital.
  • Cabe was off the team and off Homeland; solved by him coming in and helping anyway, and being the literal last hope of the rescue effort. Walter even came to his senses about his sense of betrayal and they had a whole moment of apologies.
  • Sly got his RC bird back, and proved yet again that he's underappreciated.
  • Paige followed through with her decision to take Ralph somewhere safe--but realized that it was a bad decision the second she saw Walter on that news report and didn't even question the need to go back, to be there, to rejoin the team, Ralph and all. And at the end, there was the payoff of Ralph actually connecting with her and thanking her very sweetly for coming back.
  • And there was Walter. He admitted he was emotional and that he didn't know what to do with it. He made up with Cabe. He gave every one of them a special message, reminding them of his favorite memories of each. He almost confessed his feelings for Paige (though since it's a first season they couldn't allow that, could they?? (I'm looking at you, 12 Monkeys, too)). 
  • And at the very end, Paige confessed her feelings first, and it was very sweet.
All in all, exactly what a finale should be--emotionally complex, very effecting, and about these people we're watching the show for, not about the plots. Take a hint, NCISLA, who are in the same world but keep ending on crazy cliffhangers that wind up meaning nothing as soon as we come back.

This show. Like, I like this show, and I watch it every week, but, like, I don't really remember all that much that happens week-to-week? I don't know why it hasn't really captured me, but it definitely takes up less space in my head than any number of other shows I watch.

Stuff I don't care about:
  • 50 Shades of Serial Killer, unless Barbara decides to go full villain because of him.
  • Police politics. Like, at all.
  • Mob politics. At all.
  • How Fish's story has basically been pushed off to the side and is a totally different show about Morloks.
What I do care about:
  • Penguin, and how he can't ever get a break.
  • Nygma, and how he just wants to be loved and totally can't manage that
  • Harvey Bullock and whether he's eating or punching something.
  • Bruce and Alfred being cross-generational buds.
  • Whether or not everyone is leaving Morena Baccarin alone, because I swear, if they lay a finger on her...!
  • Cat and Ivy squatting in Barbara's apartment.
So, basically, all the plot stuff bores me, but the character stuff delights me. So more character, please! I almost died of cute when Cat and Bruce went to that party, and everyone was all "Aww, baby CEO brought a date!" while the two of them totally scammed that guy to pick his pocket and copy his key. Brilliant. That's what I want.

Maybe next season we can have a whole episode that is just Penguin, Nygma, Harvey and the kids. I don't know how, but that'd be golden.

This felt like a set-up episode. Like, stuff happened but nothing was resolved. No one really found much in the way of answers, but things started moving toward a finale that will bring together NCIS and LAPD and the internal investigations and Callen's Mysterious Past and probably some terrorists, since that's the sort of baddies this show fights. It wasn't bad, and there was some cute stuff in between, but it was definitely a glide episode--barely a thing, just a way to get from one status quo to the next.

StarTalk is on TV! And it's basically the same thing as the StarTalk podcast that I love, except that now you can see their faces and hand gestures. I wish it was longer than an hour--these convos went FAST because they had to hit their points while also staying within the TV shape, and I would have liked to see more of the interview with George Takei, and heard more of them nerding about various shows and the tech that could be extrapolated off them. Maybe there'll be extras up on the website or in whatever episode of the podcast is closest--just more of this, is what I want.

It was a little bumpy at the beginning, but it evened out before the first break when everyone--who was non-white and included a lady, b-t-dubs--settled into their topics, the format, and their particular ideas of what it all meant. I loved it.

Ideas of the week: 
  • Scifi doesn't predict the future, it sets a bar far out there for us to achieve and then surpass ourselves.
  • Science fiction needs to be more optimistic to foster a general optimism that the world can be fixed, that things can be discovered, etc. Not that we're doomed to fail and die.

I didn't live-tweet this show, and I watched it on Sunday night after DVRing it on Monday before, but it's so neat. I love how Brian Unger hosts a history-info show, all conversational and loose and charming and informative. Go see it.

TUESDAY 4-21-15

Barry went to Central City (for pizza, like you do) and there was a Ferris Air billboard! Does that mean we'll get Green Lantern and all that alien crazy spillover? I hope so. DC is as big a creation as Marvel, and I'd love if at least one show on TV manages to keep that feeling of bigness. Because Shield is doing a piss poor job of it.

There was a double! Who could look like any of them now, and I'm sure that won't come back to haunt us ever (insert sarcasm emoji here). But not-Barry trying to be all suave was great, and Caitlyn's face when he kissed her was pretty awesome, all WTF-eyebrows...before she sort of gave in, creating future complications...

Iris is still in the dark about everything except that Eddie has been working with the Flash. I guess that's a start? It's become one of my Common Gripes--all these shows where they aren't telling the one woman in the cast because of whatever dumb excuse when literally every other main character knows. It's condescending and it's stupid and it makes things hard to believe after a point--that Arrow just passed this season with Thea.

And they found the Secret Welles Room!

Tear my freaking heart out, why don'cha, Forever??? Like, it was bad when it seemed like the first body buried under the roses was Abigail; and then at the end? It was so much worse. She died after deciding that she'd been away too long and didn't want to give up her family. She died because of Adam. She died because she was protecting Henry and Abe! ALL THE FEELS when I hadn't even gotten over Scorpion's feels yet.

And in between that, we got Jo and Henry being a good team again, and Henry assuring Jo that things were still good between them, and PILES of wonderful Henry-Abe father-son stuff. 

Next week is the finale, and it looks like Jo will finally find out, and I hope that totally backfires on Adam since we hear him holding that over Henry's head as a threat--defuse it by having her already figure it out, and Henry telling her anyway, or her witnessing it happen, and then Adam being all "well damn, I got nothing". 

But mostly TELL HER OR LET HER FIGURE IT OUT, because of Common Gripe.

Still not sure where this story is going. Like, Ultron comes out soon, so I'm still hoping for some Real And Actual Connection, but I'm also trying to hold back hoping for too much. The Thor tie in what a joke, and the world on this show has become so muddy--all small and isolated and so hemmed in with mistrust that I don't even give a flip about two Shields, I just want Coulson to have his whole team back together and to go handle things. Screw the rest of this noise.

The best part of the episode was that scene in the hallway where he saw Skye and she saw him and they said each other's names and went to run into each other's arms--and then Gordon showed up and took her back, and Cal jumped on the Bamf wagon. If he hadn't done that, I'd be super annoyed at the reunion-blocking, but since he did, it's all complex and interesting, so I forgive it a little. 

Really, the whole ep was kind of sweet for Cal. He was trying so hard to be normal, to show his daughter the world he wanted to give her, and all his fav shops were closed and his building was a shambles, and then Hydra shows up again and is still indistinguishable from Shield because we really need to have three factions that all look the same and use the same tactics (insert eyeroll of epic proportions). And how Skye is starting to sort of understand him, and doesn't want him hurt. It was sweet. He's still a monster, but he's more understandable now, and not the worst thing ever.

Still don't like her mom. She's so calm and frosty that I don't trust her to not be a total jackass when it comes right down to it. Not sure about Lincoln who was all "I'm our friend" but was also all "I'm just gonna spy on you" and also "I know about things I'm not saying". Basically, I just want Skye to get back to Shield and stop being off on some other show being not-a-shield-agent when she spent so much time earning that badge. And I want her to be friends with Reina.

Thank god Major isn't dead. I don't want him and Liv to get back together the way things are now, because 1) he's her past and she's literally a different person now, and 2) pre-existing love is dull when shows exist to show us how people fall in love. But he still has a lot of story to handle and I want him to have the chance to handle it, and to find out for himself what's going on in his weird city.

Liv, meanwhile, was being an agoraphobic internet troll and it was sort of amazing. How she was simultaneously dismissive and knew all the codes and sites and everything? How she kept slamming caffeine and cheesy-poofs? Wonderful. 

And I loved her and King Arthur together. They have a good chemistry, and he's a good resource for her--someone who has been going through the same things as her, who can understand what no one else can, not even Ravi, who tries. Even though I adore Ravi.

More Babineaux, though, okay? He keeps getting sort of squeezed out by all these other new characters. I did LOVE how he called her his partner and didn't even bat an eye at her being half-drunk on meds, and then too scared to leave her house so he just turned the laptop to face the suspect without question. I just love it all.


Olicity Did the Done! And it was a very well-handled scene, coming right after Felicity faced down the semi-immortal head of the world's biggest assassins union, and right before she drugged Ollie's stubborn ass to save his life. It was AMAZING, that whole sequence of scenes. Their mutual love was all over them--how they locked eyes and stayed that way, how there was no more holding back or hesitation, how sweet they were after. How he looked like he was being given the best gift in the world. How she ran her hands over his scars. 

Oh my god.

Unfortunately, those were the only good scenes in this episode because ugh, this story. Basically they went all the way to Nanda Parbat again, and really only managed to revive Thea from the mortal wounds Ra's gave her to get them to go to Nanda Parbat, to make them do what they then did. Ugh, shitty shitty shitty, and Thea still gets the worst of it, because first she's killed in service of this mess, and then she's brought back in a way that will basically guarantee that she's crazy or awful or something else stupid.

But we got Olicity without any hemming and hawing!

THURSDAY 4-23-15

This show. I love it, but I still feel like it's sort of coasting on its own goodness. Still, I want to come back and see these people every week. 

Bones found out she was pregnant again! We've all known anyway, and she's showing super-much, so no one should be surprised, but they're pretending her six months is like three months, so what ever. Yay Bones Baby #2! Booth thinks its a boy. I'm wondering if Angela and Hodgins are going to have another baby, too, or Cam or someone. Ooh, Cam having a baby when Mr Viziri is in unknown circumstances might make for some super-sad drama, and they seem to drop all the sad plots on her, so...

Also! Hodgins invents a thing that I'm pretty sure will bring back his fortune, which is funny because we were just wondering, before the episode started, if they were ever going to deal with all that money and influence he lost ages ago.

Backstrom continues to be just a little different from all the other cop-solves-crimes or bad-person-does-good shows. He himself is still awful, but he's being forced to realize why he's awful and at least start to deal with it, and the interaction between him and Valentine is almost always the best part of any episode. The fact that he's a cop but sort of shady, and Val is a criminal but sort of not shady enough is really fun to watch, too. I heard that this show is on the bubble, as they say, and I hope Fox takes a chance on it (ahahahahaa, as if Fox ever does ever), because it's finding its legs and they're good ones--and Thomas Dekker needs a show that doesn't get cancelled too soon; he's good at these weird and complex characters with strange goals and morals.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team continues to be awesome, and the way they just...don't listen to the bad stuff from Backstrom is like the air I breathe. He gets meaner when he's frustrated or scared or upset, and they just act more and more like he's a normal human being, and it is hilarious--but it's probably also what he needs: a whole functioning team of people who don't make a big deal about how awful he is has got to make him feel more normal and functional, too, right?

Best part of the whole episode: Sherlock firing Alfredo as his sponsor so that he can be his friend without conflict of interest, and then looking all sorts of lemon-faced about the reality of having ANOTHER friend to deal with who immediately goes all sass-mouth about the whole thing. It's amazing that he has friends now, not just acquaintances and people he calls on when he needs help with something, and I hope whoever is his new sponsor next season is similarly just absorbed into this group of people that Sherlock likes and values. But I hope that it doesn't sideline his interactions with Joan even more; she's holding herself / her story is holding her somewhere intentionally off to the side, and the only hope I have is that Holmes keeps trying to bring her back in. Which I love. He's so awkward and strange when he's dealing with feelings, and she's so isolated. I'm waiting for a scene where she's had enough and breaks down and he's the one she turns to because a) that'll be so good for the characters, and b) Holmes trying to be a good shoulder to cry on would be amazingly strange, and I want to see how he works it out. I'm also trying not to want it too hard or to count on it too much because this is a CBS show in the classic CBS mold, where emotional matters are dealt with excruciatingly slowly. Le sigh.

Meanwhile, the team is developing nicely, and Bell is getting more screentime, and Gregson is being a good papa bear, and I'm loving it.

FRIDAY 4-24-15

New this week! I'm still a little unsure about this show. Like, there's a lot of good story-potential, and I like the set up of people having to stop the apocalypse (my other current favorite genre right now, I guess), but it's firmly in the Biblical range of plotlines and the fact that one of the characters is a TV preacher is already making it a little too preachy for me. Add that to the fact that one of the Chosen is an atheist, and I just feel like this whole show is going to boil down to Making The Atheist Believe, and I'm not here for that. It's not a 700 Club special episode, and I don't want all that dogma flopping around on my screen.

On the other hand, they all have neat powers and abilities, they keep winding up in the same places, and two of the characters are actual trained scientists, which could be cool. As soon as that other one gets back with the group, it should lighten up, too--two episodes in, and the show is really taking itself seriously, which gives it a sort of Rosewell feel that puts me off a little. CW is King of the Melodrama, but the best ones--Supernatural, especially--temper it with snark and wisecracking and the occasional totally bonkers episode to keep it from being opressive, and I'm waiting for The Messengers to find that balance. I know that they're dealing with Heavy Issues, but they're almost the same issues as Sleepy Hollow, which probably has a similar audience, and SH always has humor to keep it real. Even in the depths of that terrible middle of last season, it does.

So I like The Messengers, but I need to see where this story arc is going, because if it stays vaguely heavy handed, it's going to lose me, and the people who make the show have been so nice on Twitter that it would be sad to stop caring. On the other hand, if it goes instead to the science of the apocalypse, and the issues of crime and race, and has the characters seeking out reasons to love the world and want to save it instead of just doing it because they have to, that'd be cool. Super cool. And if they all sort of remember that things are sometimes funny even in the worst times.

SATURDAY 4-25-15

I had a rough weekend this week and it's now Monday and I haven't yet seen Outlander OR Orphan Black, so I'll catch up with them and talk about them on next week's post.

SUNDAY 4-26-15
And I have yet to pick up a new Sunday show.

What did you guys think about this week's TV? Is there anything I'm not watching that I need to be?

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