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#12MonkeysThemeWeek SamiHolloway Masterpost!

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Day One - AU
He was supposed to splinter in to just the right time, just when Dr Raily knew everything he needed to know. He was supposed to get the information out of her and then leave, find Frost, end the future. But something was wrong.

Cassie never thought Aaron would go this far. He made it very clear that he didn’t believe her when she came home, shaking and traumatized, with the cops. She’d been attacked, kidnapped, tied up—but it was the future that scared her. And she said the man disappeared before her eyes. And she said he’d be back in two years. And she believed him.
3. Cat
Cole lands in the alley, two building over and busts his knee, but he hardly even notices. He’s had a hell of a lot worse, he’s come here with worse, and what matters is that he’s here at all. Where Cassie is. And she’s alive now.

4. Married
“What’s wrong?”
“Don’t like to me, Cole. Tell me what’s wrong.”
“Nothing’s wrong, it’s just–”
“It’s just that we’re now considered married by scav tradition.”

Day Two - Extended Scenes
The bastard left her. They’d been together for this long, and Cole just left without telling her he was going to, without even saying goodbye.
Without even asking if she wanted to go, too.

“You’re alive.”
“So are you.”
Cassie didn’t mean to rush forward and throw her arms around Cole, but seeing him there, right in front of her, living and breathing–it was too much.

Aaron stomped off and slammed the door behind him. She could hear him still yelling on the way to his car, but she knew he’d be back soon enough. They had work to do.

Cole stared at the cement arch over his sleeping alcove. The mattress was hard and flat, like always, but it was still better than the ground. He’d seen the fat, springy bed Cassie slept on, though, and all he could think was: how do I get her to understand that this is better than I’m used to?

Day Three - Missing Scenes
1. Proof
“Jones has a lot to answer for but she wouldn’t lie about–”
Elena cut him off before he could finish his sentence. “No, look, I brought the files with me! We had a cure!

2. Reactions
“I don’t–I just can’t understand why he would do this! Why would he turn on us like this? He knows what’s at stake!”
“I can.”
“I can understand. I want to punch him until he doesn’t get up for it, but I know why he did it.”
“Because he loves you.”

Day Four - Casserole

No Rest -
They both had nightmares after that night. Cassie dreamed of betrayal and death and not being able to know who she could trust. Of a thousand black-clad arms with pale hands grabbing at her. Their touch was always cold, and she always woke up chilled to the bone and shaking. Usually, she woke because she’d called out and woke herself up–or because Cole woke her. His hands were always warm.

Casseroles -
“What’s this?”
“It’s called a casserole. It’s a whole meal in one dish.”

(untitiled) -
They met up again at the door to the motel room they were living in, and as soon as they were inside, they fell into each other’s arms. It was always a relief to be back together after days apart, and for a long time they just stayed like that, as close as they could get while still standing.

Bending History -
Cole watched himself splinter out, and tried not to remember what it felt like then, two years ago, when Cassie had died in his arms. He’d spent a fairly large portion of the time since then trying not to remember, trying not to worry about when this moment came around again. They had a plan, he and Cassie. 

Scars -
Cole was back, and this time he was as whole as he was when he’d left only a few days ago. It was ridiculous that him coming back in only three days, covered in scabs, rather than weeks later and half dead, was a blessing, but she’d take what she could get when it came to Cole. Anything was better than nothing. And nothing was too much of a possibility.

Failure -
Cassie got sick in the spring, and that’s how they knew they hadn’t changed history enough. She survived the first night, so they knew she had the slower strain–and Cole knew the previous version of him, the one concurrent with 2015, would soon surface and s brought here. The plan was that he’d leave first, that he’d keep fighting.

Day Five - Finale Wishlist

Fork In The Road
They came to a branch in the hall and were forced to stop holding hands.
“Which way?” Cassie asked.
“That way–should be the third door on the left. Go there, cut the power, stay hidden. Then get out. Don’t follow me.”

“We have to at least try!” Cassie threw her hands up in the air and did her best not to throw something, but he was being stubborn and it was scaring her. He’d never turned that wall of solid denial against her before; it was always for her, with her. Against everyone else.

Letters From The Past
The scavs would be through their defenses soon, and if Jones was to die, she wished it to be on her own terms. And so she retreated to her own chambers, locked all the doors between the hall and her office, and opened her trunk. All that remained of her old life–all that remained of her whole world, and of the only few things she’d loved–was in this trunk. Hannah’s blanket, the one she’d brought her baby home from the hospital in. Pictures of everyone who had died around her. Her favorite books. Her parents’ wedding bands.
And an envelope she’d never opened.

Jones had just decided not to smoke another cigarette and was still sitting on the porch when the man in the suit stepped out of the car and strode up to her. She’d never seen him before, but he looked like he knew where he was going, and she saw recognition on his face. She didn’t know him, but he knew exactly who she was.

The Days After
They hadn’t been able to get much from the bookstore–and there wasn’t much to get anymore–so they’d left as soon as they were sure no one saw them. Cassie drove, looking straight ahead, her knuckles white on the steering wheel. Behind her, Cole scrabbled into new clothes in the back seat. He moved easily for the first time in who knows how long. Weeks. And his skin was smooth and undamaged, all his scars smoothed away. All but a solar-flare shaped burn on his chest where the needle had gone in.

And that is every fic I wrote for Theme Week! Probably almost all of them Easter Weekend in between eating and wrangling kids. Enjoy!
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