Saturday, April 2, 2016

Letter From the Editor - April 2016

Hello lovely geeks! How're our Fangirls doing this month? Personally, if you've seen the update I did yesterday, I'm doing pretty dang awesome for once! In the middle of the month, I'll be selling my nail polish at GeekCraft Expo here in Raleigh, and there's a little comic con lasting only about a day that my brother and I are going to try to get to; if I do, we'll have that discussion, too!

This month, we've got all sorts of new shows and returning short-series shows: Wynona Earp (which I reviewed here), Hunters, 12 Monkeys, Orphan Black, Outlander, Containment, The Night Manager, Game of Thrones, Fear the Walking Dead, The Good Witch, The Last Panthers (about jewel thieves!), and specials on Jane Austin and Roald Dahl (and there was one just a few days ago on the Brontes)... So much stuff to look forward to!

And it's now officially spring, when things get moving and everything wakes up, and TV shows start winding down for the summer, so we;ll probably be looking at some season-ender reviews, and trying to figure out what shows did it right and which did it wrong!

What geeky things are you guys up to now that the weather is slowly warming up? If you're a reader from the southern hemisphere, what're you doing now that it's cooling down?

Share in the comments, and we'll compare notes!
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