Monday, April 25, 2016

You guys, we have a job to do: "Call to Action: 12 Monkeys, Wynonna Earp, and Hunters Could Use a Show of Support | Cancelled Sci Fi"

Call to Action: 12 Monkeys, Wynonna Earp, and Hunters Could Use a Show of Support | Cancelled Sci Fi:

"12 Monkeys (Syfy): This show was never a stronger performer in the ratings in its first season and it has returned at its lowest numbers yet in its second year.  It has already used the Escape-the-Network-Executioner-Free card that Syfy tends to give all its first season shows, and it is likely on a short leash at this point.  As a cable entry, it may have international financing / partnerships helping it, though a show of support from fans could definitely give it a boost.  Syfy has been paying close attention to the digital viewing lately as well, so if you watch it on their website, that will be counted (as opposed to watching it live during the linear broadcast or on the DVR which is only counted for Nielsen families).  And buzz on the social networks has been helping cable shows of late as well.  If fans of this show want it to stick around for a third season, they need to get active and make sure Syfy knows they are out there.  
 Agent Carter (ABC): It was not included in ABC’s first round of renewals and Haley Atwell has been cast in an upcoming pilot.  Plus, Agent Carter‘s executive producers have said that chances of a third season look “bad”.  But then a rumor has emerged that ABC has decided to bring the show back for a third season, so perhaps the network is at least considering it.  All the more reason for fans to make noise in support of the show to convince the network it deserves a third season (or at least have that promised cross-over with Agents of SHIELD to resolve the show’s storylines). 
Limitless (CBS): Don’t drink the Kool-Aid CBS Boss Leslie Moonves is offering by claiming all of the network’s freshman shows will be renewed. New entry Angel from Hell has already been axed and Limitless is currently performing below where that show was when it was sent to the Network Executioner (in a large part due to constant preemptions). Plus, Limitless is certainly more expensive to produce. Fans need to make a strong show of support and let CBS know they are out their before that network (which is known to have an aversion to sci fi shows) squashes this promising new entry. 
Stitchers (Freeform): This show never saw high ratings in its first season and has returned even lower in its second year.  Of course it appeared on the schedule without much prior notice, so that’s not much of a surprise.  The overnights are probably not as important for this show, and “stickiness” on the social nets could go a long way toward helping it into a third season.   I know it has a very vocal fanbase, and they need to get active now to bring attention to this one. 
Wynonna Earp (Syfy): This show has performed the best of Syfy’s Spring debuts, but only just slightly.  The same comments for 12 Monkeys above apply to this one, though Syfy may still let it play its Escape-the-Network-Executioner-Free card.  But fans should get active on the social networks and with digital viewing to make sure that Syfy knows they are out there."
And there's other shows there, too! We're in a golden age of TV for those of us who like the speculative-fiction shows; we can't let all of these new, awesome, barely-reached-anything-like-their-full-potential shows go in the same year!

My whole life, there's been like one or two shows a year that I just loved; right now, it's at least one show every night of the week, and I don't think that should end because of a ratings system that's drastically and dangerously flawed, and doesn't show how people actually watch TV anymore. We've got points to make, you guys,

Let's do it.

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