Monday, April 18, 2016

My 12 Monkeys S2 wishlist

The new season starts in the US tonight! I'll be livetweeting at 9pm along with everyone else, and then reviewing the eps for TV Geek Army and doing weekly Monkey Musings here a few days after each episode airs! But I'm so keyed up, I thought I'd make a list of my total pie-in-the-sky wishlist items that have been plaguing me, to get them out of my head and to sort of play a game with the season. I'll be updating and commenting on the list as things happen!

Let's see where this goes, shall we?
  1. "I should have kissed you" (Ha! I know, right?)
  2. Cole and Ramse having a proper sit down to hash things out between them. If not that, a proper punch-fest to do it like boys do. (update: No Cole and Ramse, so far, but Cole and Deacon went this route in 2.3, and it got them nowhere.)
  3. Cassie being the one who discovers the past with wonder--but probably the sort that makes her life harder rather than easier, the way the show is going.
  4. Cassie saving Cole's life over and over. (2.3 she saved him from electro-shock torture)
  5. Ramse being a grandpa, all crotchety and annoyed.
  6. Sam being a Creepy Kid, so Ramse has to question his devotion.
  7. The Witness as a prisoner--maybe not even saying what Olivia says he says, but at least being something other than this all-knowing god she presents him as.
  8. Cole's mom.
  9. People realizing that Jennifer actually does make sense, and it rocking their world. (in 2.2 and 2.3, Cole is starting to understand this, but Cassie still doesn't like her and it's making her snappish about details)
  10. Cassie meeting her own past self, or trying not to, and finding out that her normal life was not nearly as normal as the thought it was, and having a whole new crisis of identity.*
  11. Deacon being the voice of reason--because how screwed up do you have to be to have his crazy self be the reasonable one?
  12. Playing with the conventions of time-travel stories--I want all of it. Loops, side-tracks into alternate lines, pieces being snipped out. I want them to make a unified theory of time travel out of this show, and be the one that everyone refers back to when talking about time travel shows that come after.
Down the rabbit hole tonight, guys!

EDITED TO ADD: I have new additions to my wishlist!

  • Cole and Cassie dancing again! Preferably twice: once, the classic "let's dance to get closer to our mark, oops, are those feels getting in the way?", and once just because they can and they want to.
  • Flashbacks to Ramse's time with the Army! Who did he know? What did he do other than stand by windows in expensive suits? How did he fit into the hierarchy? How much did they actually tell him and how much did he figure out on his own?

*Like, what if her breakdown, and her sense that everything was wrong in Haiti was because that's a pivotal time-point and people keep going back there? What if this-season-her has to protect her own past breakdown?
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