Saturday, April 30, 2016

#TabletopDay - The meanest game of Uno you will ever play

Uno is one of those games you learn when you're a kid because it's easy and it's fun and it's not too fussed about how many people play it. It's also mean. Like, seriously, the only physical fight I've ever gotten into was over a three-person hand of Uno--the other two, my best friends, teamed up to skip or reverse on me for twenty minutes straight and the only time I got a go was when I had to pick up cards, so I kicked one of them. She hit me, so I hit her back, and then she bit me and tore my nightgown with her steel-enforced teeth. 

Good times.

Anyway, Uno is also one of those games where you have lots of house rules* AND one where there's lots of variation-decks so you can mix it up.

My brother and I recently created the meanest house rule ever, and it will murder your game and make all your friends hate you, and it's awesome.

It's this:
  • If someone drops any Draw card on you, you can avoid having to draw those cards by playing ANOTHER draw card that matches, and the next person has to draw the cards listed on BOTH cards. 
The best part of this rule? There's no limit to it. When we were playing, we had a hand that circled twelve times and the last person had to draw more cards then there were in the draw deck, and we wound up adding a second deck to the game!

It's hilarious, you guys, everyone waiting for the time when there's no more Draw cards and someone has to pick up the whole deck. Everyone holding so many cards that they can't find the ones they're looking for because their hands are too small to fan them out properly. The wails of the lost as they take forever to get through all the cards they're holding.

It's the best house rule ever.

What're your best house rules?

*Ours are: You keep drawing when you don't have a match until you find one you can play, no matter how many you have to draw. If you go out of turn, you have to draw five. Sometimes we have random stupid things you have to say every time someone plays a certain card; depends on how dunk we are.

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