Monday, April 25, 2016

Prepping for the "Limitless" season finale!

Hello everybody!

Finally I found some time to post here on this awesome blog, which I have used many times to decide whether or not I should watch a show and now I'm co-blogger! When Sami asked me, I was so super honoured! Now I've never really wrote about things like these before, so bear with me.

So let me introduce myself. I'm Lothwen, nail polish and nail art blogger at Manis & Makeovers - which is how I came into contact with Sami, she creates the most beautiful nail polishes, most of which are inspired by fandoms and other things I love. I've had the privilege to swatch many of her creations and when I got a Limitless-inspired polish, I knew I wanted to post it here in honour of the season finale! Let's have a look at "On NZT":

You know, when Brian takes NZT, his world becomes doused in a golden glow? This polish is that NZT-effect times a million! It is a gold flakie polish with different sized golden glitters and holo particles. It can be used as a top coat, or as I did here, two-three coats on its own. It doesn't even require top coat, it has a lovely finish on its own!

That was the nail polish part of things.

Now about Limitless; when will CBS finally announce the show's renewal? I mean, come on, it's a great show! It is the perfect amount of humour, mystery, drama, detective work and romance with a hint of nonsense all mixed up beautifully into one of the best new shows of the season! I don't know if you follow The Cancellation Bear, but he recently told us the good news that the show is more likely to be renewed than cancelled, so I'm just going to hold him to his word!

What will happen in the finale? Oh gosh, I see a cliffhanger coming... Will Brian find Piper? Will Mike and Ike be in this episode (I missed them last time). (Editor note: Me too!) The last episode ended on a scary note - the DEA agent, who was working with the CJC, turned out to be in Sands' pocket and made sure Sands got out of prison. All of Morra's people - AKA The Legion of Whom - got car bombed and the way seems paved for Sands to acquire world domination... OOPS! 

Perhaps Brian, the FBI and Morra all need to team up in an effort to obliterate Sands... Well it would be nice to see Bradley Cooper agian, I like him in this sleezebag-that-you-just-can't-hate role, lol!

I can't wait to see tomorrow night's episode, and let's all hope it won't be the last!

Circling back to the nail polish, I did some Limitless-inspired nail art with it as well, which I posted on my blog, so if you're interested, just click the pic below! Thanks for listening to my rambling!

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